High Stakes Poker Online

High Stakes Poker Online

Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown Record at 7-2

The SuperStar Showdown is PokerStars version of boxing matches that always pit the same great fighter against other contenders, in this case, online poker phenom Isildur1. 

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Apr/26/2011

Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllönen Win a Quick Million

Move aside Patrik Antonius.  Welcome a new Finnish online poker phenom.  His name: Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllönen.

The 2009 EPT Copenhagen winner enjoyed yet another milestone over the weekend.  Kyllönen just won a cool million dollars on Full Tilt Poker over the weekend, playing against the likes of Gus Hansen and Andreas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen.

It’s become a little easier for the European poker pros to win on Full Tilt Poker these days now that they’ve been chased out of the US market. 

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Apr/24/2011

Gus Hansen The Biggest Loser: One Million Gone in Just 7 Days

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Apr/11/2011

Isildur1 vs. Daniel Negreanu Lands Kid Poker in the Black

The high stakes online poker challenge pitting two of today’s most recognized players against one another - Isildur1 vs. Daniel Negreanu – turned into one for the ages.

After destroying Negreanu last week, Isildur1 found himself on the losing end as Kid Poker stormed back to complete the two part challenge.  He ended up $26,500 in the black when all was said and done.

From HighStakesDB.com

Submitted by Ace King on, Mar/28/2011

Part 1 – Odd Evolution of “Challenges”

Submitted by Guest on, Mar/12/2011

XWINK Loses Big but Wins Even Bigger

Submitted by C Costigan on, Mar/07/2011

Online Poker: One Star Rises While Another One Crashes

Courtesy of AintLuck.com

The bigger they are, the harder they fall…the cream rises to the top…The rich get richer.  All three of these statements are pretty common figures of speech. Additionally, all three are good descriptions of the last 24 hours in the nosebleed online poker games as one poker legend reminded all why he is arguably the greatest, while the hottest young player in the game reminded us all that he is just as likely to lose an obscene dollar figure as he is to winning.

Submitted by Guest on, Mar/04/2011

Phil Ivey Wins Close to $500K Online Over Weekend

Phil Ivey, one of the most respected poker players, reportedly won $476,000 over the weekend at Full Tilt Poker.  His main opponent was Kagome Kagome.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Feb/22/2011

Introducing the Newest Poker Babe: Miami’s Ebony Kenney

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Feb/19/2011

Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu is Looking for Supernova Status

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu has vowed to keep up with the younger players by pumping up the volume with his online poker play.  His goal is to reach Supernova status.

Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/26/2011

High Stakes Online Poker Player OMGClayAiken Starts Off 2011 Down $210K

Here we are not even 8 days into the new year and already high stakes online poker player Phil Galfond is down a whopping $210K in 2011.

That’s gotta hurt!

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Jan/08/2011

Isildur1 Beats Tony G. In Superstar Showdown

Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/03/2011

PokerStars SuperStar Showdown to Feature Isildur1 vs. Isaac Haxton

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Dec/14/2010

Isildur1 Online Poker Rollercoaster Ride: Loses Everything

In his debut as a member of Team PokerStars, the elusive online poker phenom Isildur1 (real identity unknown) has been making some serious waves.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Dec/10/2010

Isildur1 “Sick” $287,500 14-Hour Online Poker Marathon Session

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Dec/09/2010

Isildur1 Joins Team PokerStars

The elusive and popular online poker player Isildur1 has joined Team PokerStars.

Isildur1 is rumored to be Viktor Blom though other speculate he is really Robert Flink.

Submitted by Ace King on, Dec/07/2010

Ziigmund Loses $3 Million In Last 90 Days Playing Online Poker

The news is not good for Finnish online poker phenom Ziigmund, whose real name is Ilari Sahamies.

Since the start of October, Ziigmund has lost an unprecedented $3 million. 

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Nov/18/2010

Gus Hansen Riding the Wave of Positive Variance

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/04/2010

Gus Hansen Could Erase Year’s $2.3 Million Deficit

Submitted by Ace King on, Oct/26/2010

Ziigmund’s Red October

The popular high stakes online poker player Ziigmund is reportedly down close to $2 million in the month of October.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Oct/14/2010

High Stakes Online Poker: Jungleman12 Takes $100K From Isildur1

In the fast-paced world of high stakes online poker, Jungleman12 has conquered Isildur1 in recent days to the tune of $100K. 

Submitted by Ace King on, Oct/03/2010

Isildur1 Incognito at PokerStars


Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/14/2010

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