Patrik Antonius Wins $227K from URnotINdanger2 After a Near $500K Loss

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Patrik Antonius

After a rough start to the new year, Finnish poker superstar Patrik Antonius appears to be getting back on track with a $227K victory over fellow online poker player URnotINdanger2.  Antonius’ opponent had won $234,000 on Omaha PL $500/$1000 over the weekend.

Antonius’ big loss a few days ago came partially at the hands of URnotINdanger2.

From High Stakes DB:

Patrik Antonius was involved in two very interesting matches on Thursday. First he played 11hands of $500/$1000 in the HA mixed game against URnotINdanger2 and lost $195K, and then he resumed his duel in the fixed limit game against Kagome Kagome and lost another $290K. I guess it is safe to say that his start to the year is not the one he was hoping for.

- Ace King,