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Since September 2000, Gambling911.com has been the leading resource for news pertaining to the world of online gambling worldwide, though we've been involved in the online gaming industry since 1997 (we were in beta operations since 1999, our official launch year).  Since that time, Gambling911.com has evolved into the primary gateway for those around the world to learn about the world of online gambling.  Most people find us via our strong presence in the top search engines as well as social media websites like Twitter. 

Our founder, Chris Costigan, has appeared on Fox News, ABC News, CNBC, and even the Weather Channel (discussing hurricane betting) as well as in the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Bloomberg, Associated Press, and most major news outlets.  We were proudly mentioned in the 2006 Forbes Billionaire issue as part of its cover story (and, no, we were not the billionaire being profiled but rather the company influential in promoting his company).

In recent years, Gambling911.com has expanded its coverage to include news from all facets of the multi-billion dollar gambling sector, including poker, Daily Fantasy Sports, the land-based casino world, and, more recently, as we enter 2018, the emerging cryptocurrency sector. 

Based in Miami Beach, Florida, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, and San Diego, California, Gambling911.com is the news authority when it comes to all the latest odds on current events, everything from sports to politics to entertainment as well as all the latest fantasy sports news.  We don't just focus on players, we also cover the explosive industry as a whole.

When it comes to big-time betting events, gamblers know where to go to find the latest odds, betting previews and props.  In fact, this past summer's Mayweather-McGregor fight yielded traffic on par with that of ESPN and other mainstream sports sites the entire 24 hours leading up to that phenomenal event.

We are often the first news outlet to break stories involving the gambling industry 24/7. 

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Gambling911.com is owned by Costigan Media, LLC and we have successfully lead the way for ALL online media to be granted rights as mainstream television and print in regards to the freedom of information (see Costigan Media vs. US Government).

Gambling911.com holds a vendor license in the state of New Jersey issued by the state Gaming Commission.

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Gambling911 Founder Chris Costigan Miami Herald


hurricane chris

From Fox News "Fox and Friends" Super Bowl Edition 2006

foxs news chris

Chris Costigan (middle) celebrating the cryptocurrency revolution with Bitcoin's first millionaire investor Roger Ver (right) and billionaire Calvin Ayre (left)

calvin ayre

Discussing the 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports Expo in Miami Beach, moderated by Chris Costigan

G911's Chris Costigan at the Battle of Malta with Amazing Race Contestant and Poker Celeb Maria Ho


Calvin Ayre CoinGeek.com Party in Antigua


From the New York Observer


From Forbes 2006 Billionaire's Issue Cover Story  (www.forbes.com/forbes/2006/0327/112_2.html)


From Fox Sports


Gambling911.com has been mentioned in numerous publications and on various media outlets across the world, including:

The Forbes Billionaire 2006 Cover Story (read here)

Fox News – Gambling911.com Founder Discusses Super Bowl

Miami Herald – Betting on Hurricanes

ABC News – 2008 US Presidential Odds (Watch Here)

Also Mentioned In:  Reuters, The Associated Press, Red Herring, The New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Mail (UK), Business Week, and many more (see the entire list here)

Gambling911.com has also been featured in a segment of the Weather Channel’s “Storm Stories” and on MTV Canada.

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Dan Shapiro, Sports

Tyrone Black, Sports

Ean Lamb, Sports

Mary Montgomery, Sports

Ace King, Poker

Tony Caliente, Sports Bookmaking Expert

Nagesh Rath, Poker

Mike Taylor, Sports Betting

Jordan Bach, Entertainment

Sparky Collins, Entertainment

Aaron Goldstein, Business

Alistair Prescott, Sports and General

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