NHL Betting Odds

2024-2025 Hart Memorial Trophy Odds Released

BetOnline has released odds on The Hart Memorial Trophy with Connor McDavid (+150) the big favorite by around four times the next player, Nathan MacKinnon (+550).

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/11/2024

NHL Offseason News, Notes and Odds 2024-25

It’s not that long ago since the Florida Panthers hoisted their first-ever Stanley Cup, and this offseason hasn’t been devoid of news around the league.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/10/2024

Colorado Gambling News - July 2024

Get the latest gambling news from the great state of Colorado for the month of July 2024.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Jul/10/2024

2025 Stanley Cup Odds Shuffle Following FA Period

To say there was a frenzy to kick off the NHL free agency period yesterday would be an understatement.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jul/02/2024

Leon Draisaitl Trade Betting Odds: Favored to Land With Boston Bruins

It looks like Leon Draisaitl will be donning a different uniform next season.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jun/26/2024

Blackhawks Announce Circa Sports as Official Home Jersey Patch Sponsor

The Chicago Blackhawks today announced a multi-year partnership agreement with sports betting venture Circa Sports to be the official jersey patch sponsor for the Blackhawks home red jerseys.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jun/25/2024

Win or Lose, Odds Say McDavid Will Take Conn Smythe

Could a player from the losing Stanley Cup Finals team take home the Conn Smythe Trophy?

Submitted by Press Release on, Jun/24/2024

Stanley Cup Final Game 7 Betting Preview - Oilers-Panthers

The 2023-24 hockey season comes down to one final game, the Edmonton Oilers visiting the Florida Panthers in Sunrise Monday evening.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Jun/24/2024

Who the Top Cappers Believe Will Win The Stanley Cup in Game 7: Oilers vs. Panthers

We are examining top of the leaderboard cappers picks for Game 7 to determine who will win this year's Stanley Cup.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jun/24/2024

Utah NHL Mascot Odds

The Utah NHL team will play under its state name next season following the franchise's relocation from Arizona.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jun/07/2024

Majority of North America Wants an Oilers Title, But it’s Close According to BetOnline

The map found here is based on geotagged X data from Sunday evening to now (when the matchup was set) tracking official fan hashtags in every state and the 10 Canadian provinces.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jun/07/2024

NHL Stanley Cup Final Betting Preview - 2024

Something has to give in the 2024 Stanley Cup Final, beginning Saturday evening.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Jun/05/2024

2025 NHL Title Odds Favor Ousted Team

Either the Oilers or the Panthers will lift the Stanley Cup trophy this month, but neither team is favored for next season's championship.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jun/03/2024

Oilers vs. Panthers Prop Bets Game 1

The Edmonton Oilers will face off against the Florida Panthers on Saturday in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup with Florida opening as the -140 favorite on the moneyline.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jun/03/2024

Hockey Bookies Likely to Relish Panthers vs. Oilers

For bookies in North America, nothing could be better than a good 'ol USA vs. Canada series courtesy of the Florida Panthers vs. Edmonton Oilers.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jun/02/2024

Bet on Double Champs for Dallas: Mavs, Stars, Cowboys and Rangers

$7500 is your payout should it happen.

Submitted by Press Release on, May/21/2024

NBA, NHL City Double Titles Betting Odds

There are four cities that have the chance to bring home both the NBA and NHL titles in 2024.

Submitted by Press Release on, May/10/2024

BetOnline to Post Odds on Toronto Maple Leafs Next Head Coach

The Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday morning announced they had fired Sheldon Keefe after yet another early exit from the NHL playoffs.

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, May/09/2024

BetOnline The Only Sportsbook Offering Odds on the 2023-24 Hart Memorial Trophy

On May 7, Nathan MacKinnon, Connor McDavid and Nikita Kucherov were named finalists for the 2023-24 Hart Memorial Trophy.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, May/08/2024

Rangers Are a Home Underdog Again and That's Bad for DraftKings

“The Rangers are a huge hazard for us, we get bet all year long on every single game, they’re the most popular team in hockey when it comes to hockey betting,” DraftKings Director of Trading Johnny Avello told the New York Post.

Submitted by Ean Lamb on, May/07/2024

NHL Second Round of Stanley Cup Playoffs

There’s no reason to think the second round of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs won’t be as exciting as the first. As of this Tuesday writing, a pair of series have already begun, with another starting this (Tuesday) evening and the ‘straggler’ getting going tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, May/07/2024

2024 NBA and NHL Playoffs Series Futures Odds Remain Fluid

The Celtics come in as a -2000 favorite to beat the Cavaliers.  Ouch!

Submitted by Press Release on, May/06/2024

What Are the Payouts Each 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Series?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs field is set, and we know there will be some upsets throughout the tournament starting Saturday.

Submitted by Press Release on, Apr/17/2024

$10,000 NBA Playoff Bracket Contest and $10,000 NHL Playoffs Predictor (2024)

Live Now! $10,000 NBA Playoff Bracket Contest. The contest will be open for players to make their playoff bracket up until the first game of the playoffs next Saturday at either 7 pm. The top prize is $500 in cash and the top 500 players will also walk away with cash rewards.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Apr/17/2024

Islanders-Canes, Jets-Avs Series Betting Odds

The 2023-24 season wraps up in a couple of days, but we already know two of the Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs series.

Submitted by Press Release on, Apr/16/2024

Leveraging Home Ice Advantage in NHL Betting Markets

The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the premier professional ice hockey leagues globally, captivating fans with its intense, fast-paced action and deep-rooted team rivalries. Betting on NHL matches has woven itself into the fabric of the sport's culture, allowing enthusiasts to deepen their engagement and potentially reap rewards.

A critical factor often considered by bettors is the concept of home ice advantage—where teams often outperform on familiar territory due to factors like crowd support, rink familiarity, and the visiting team's travel fatigue.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Apr/05/2024

NHL MVP Payout Odds 2024 - A Tight Race

The frenetic trade deadline is behind us, and as we enter the final five weeks of the regular season the competition for the Hart Trophy is heating up.

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Mar/13/2024

Can I Bet With BetUS From Nevada?

BetUS is accessible to bet on from the state of Nevada.  Despite the competitive sports betting climate here, BetUS is among the few mobile gambling sites that one can register with here remotely.

Submitted by Tony Caliente on, Mar/05/2024

Don Granato Next NHL Head Coach to Be Fired Odds at 3-2

Lindy Ruff might be feeling a little rough this morning after getting the axe last night. 

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Mar/05/2024

Matthew Rempe Fight Odds

We finally have Matthew Rempe fight odds, and they are glorious.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Mar/04/2024

Breaking News

Odds on a Fox News Hosting Debate Between Trump & Harris

In light of Harris likely becoming the Democratic nominee, former president and GOP nominee Donald Trump is now asking for the next Presidential debate between him and Harris to be hosted by Fox News, and not ABC as previously planned.

New Betting Markets Released July 22

New betting markets are mostly political in the wake of Joe Biden exiting the 2024 race and include a Fox News debate between GOP nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic nominee Kamala Harris as well as whether Biden makes a public appearance by Wednesday.