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All the poker fans around the globe are gearing up for the 2017 World Series of Poker at Las Vegas.

Submitted by Payton on, May/24/2017

Next Million Dollar Sunday coming September 13th


Americas Cardroom’s Million Dollar Sundays is coming up again! The popular $1,000,000 GTD tourneys have reccently shaken things up in the poker industry.

Americas Cardroom has had three of them already this year with the next one on Sunday, September 13th, followed by four more in October (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th).  They call this the $5 Million GTD Promo as that’s the minimum amount of money that will be awarded.

Submitted by Payton on, Sep/03/2015

The World Series of Jackpots Provide Americas Cardroom Players With Expressway to World Series of Poker

San Jose, Costa Rica – May 26, 2015 – New York to Las Vegas in under 7 minutes? It's possible with the World Series of Jackpots. Americas Cardroom today announced new Jackpot Pokertournaments that award players who hit the Sit & Go jackpot with $12,500 WSOP prizepackages featuring the $10,000 Main Event buy-in, and money for travel and accommodations.


Submitted by Payton on, May/26/2015

Viktor Blom Puts $100k on the Line to Test Himself Against Full Tilt Poker Players

Get freeroll tickets for the chance to face-off against a poker superstar during Blom 100

Onchan, Isle of Man –As Blom 100 kicks off today, 100 Full Tilt Poker players are set to find out if they have what it takes to beat the legendary Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

Submitted by Press Release on, Oct/25/2013

Viktor Blom the Week’s Biggest Loser

Online poker phenom Viktor Blom managed to lose $1,404,756 playing online at Full Tilt Poker, making him the week’s biggest loser.

We wouldn’t shed too many tears for the Swede as he has managed to rack up over $5 million so far online this year.  

Submitted by Ace King on, Jul/22/2013

Viktor Blom Wins $1 Million at SCOOP Main Event

Another $1 million win for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

The online poker phenom has just won the popular SCOOP Main Event and the $1 million cash prize that comes with that honor.

Blom has been winning big in recent weeks at the high stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker, now owned by PokerStars.

Submitted by Ace King on, May/28/2013

Gus Hansen Approaching $10 Million Lifetime Losses on Full Tilt Poker

Gus Hansen is nearing the $10 million mark in poker, but unfortunately he’s in negative territory.

Data goes back to 2007.  Full Tilt Poker was shut down for nearly 9 months this past year.

From CardPlayer.com:

Submitted by Ace King on, May/10/2013

Poker Princess Pleads Not Guilty in High Stakes Poker Russian Mob Probe

A woman cited for running high stakes poker games for celebrities, athletes and Wall Street bigwigs has pleaded Not Guilty. 

Bloom and 33 others were indicted this past week in connection with their affiliation to a multi-million dollar international gambling ring alleged to have ties to the Russian Mafia.  She was arraigned in a Manhattan federal court on Friday.

Submitted by Ace King on, Apr/21/2013

Online Poker Phenom Isildur1 Closes in on $2 Million in Just Over Week

One of online poker’s most famous young players, Viktor “Isildur” Blom, has won over $1.5 million in just over a week.

Following last week’s $1 million in winnings, Isildur1 took in another $548.1 million yesterday playing against another notable online poker, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.

Blom had sought sweet revenge for a defeat Sunday at the hands of Dwan.

HighStakesDB.com highlighted one of the biggest pots of the day:

Submitted by Ace King on, Apr/16/2013

Online Poker Player Ben Tollerene Wins Back $1.5 Mil From Isildur1

Last week, online poker phenom Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene to the cleaners, winning $1.7 million playing against Tollerene.  This weekend, much of that money was won back.


Submitted by Ace King on, Apr/07/2013

Online Poker Phenom Viktor Blom Wins $1.7 Million in Under 6 Hours

Online poker sensation Viktor Blom (AKA Isildur1) continued his hot streak this week, beating player Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene for a mere $1.7 million.

The most impressive part in all of this is that Blom made that money in just under 6 hours at the virtual felts of Full Tilt Poker.

Isildur1 had been down more than a million dollars at one point during the Wednesday night session.

Tollerene isn’t the only one suffering a headache this week.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Apr/05/2013

Phil Ivey Wins $736,844 on Full Tilt Poker in 48 Hours: Dissed by SallyWoo

One of the most recognized names in poker, Phil Ivey, managed to win $738,844 in just under 48 hours at Full Tilt Poker beginning Wednesday of this week.

Ivey plays under the handle “Polarizing”.

Among Ivey’s victims:  Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and online player NiklasReinecker.  Ivey played mostly short sessions.

He continued his winning ways on Thursday, March 28, adding $492,700 to his bankroll.

FLO8 specialist, SallyWoo, refused his action, and it was probably for the best.

Submitted by Ace King on, Mar/29/2013

Isildur1 Wins $178k at Omaha, and 2-7 Triple Draw Tables

Online poker phenom Viktor Blom (AKA Isildur1) has taken Full Tilt Poker for another $178k in recent days playing at the Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and 2-7 Triple Draw tables. 

Submitted by Ace King on, Mar/26/2013

Patrik Antonius Poker Profile: Wins $1.1 Mil This Week, Up $15 Mil

CardPlayer.com is reporting that Finnish poker pro Patrik Antonius managed an impressive $1.1 million run on Full Tilt Poker this past week.

Not just that: Antonius is up around $15 million lifetime on the FTP site.

And Antonius is just 5th when it comes to 2013 winners thus far with Swedish pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom up an amazing $4 million and some change while Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn is up $3.4 million. 

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Mar/22/2013

Heads Up Tables Online Poker for All Stake Levels Now at Americas Cardroom

Competition at one of the most popular US-facing online poker rooms is about to get way more personal. Americas Cardroom announced early this month the addition of heads-up tables to its already competitive lineup of ring games. The 2-seat max tables are now available in all stake levels.

Submitted by Press Release on, Mar/04/2013

Tom Dwan Confirmed as Part of Negreanu vs. Hansen Challenge

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu confirmed late this week that online poker phenom Tom “Durr” Dwan will be taking part in the Negreanu vs. Hansen Challenge or, if you like, the PokerStars vs. Full Tilt Poker Challenge. 


Negreanu tweeted: 

Submitted by Ace King on, Mar/02/2013

Phil Ivey 8.5 Hour Session Yields Just Over $582k

Poker icon Phil Ivey continued his win streak at his old home Full Tilt Poker.

This weekend’s damage was to the tune of $582.1k.

From HighStakesDB.com

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Feb/12/2013

Online Poker: Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond Takes Isildur1 for $1 Million

Online poker phenom Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s unprecedented hot streak has come to an abrupt end this past weekend. 


Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/14/2013

Online Poke Phenom Isildur1 Still on a Sick Roll: Wins $1.33 Mil Tuesday

They don’t get much better than Viktor Blom (AKA Isildur1) in the world of online poker.


On Tuesday January 9, 2013, Blom won an amazing $1.33 million at Full Tilt Poker against top players Phil Galfond and Ben Sulsky. 

Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/09/2013

Poker Pro Isildur1 Up Another $700k

Swedish online poker pro Viktor Blom, better known as Isildur1, amassed another $700k the other night.  In just the first three days of the new year, he has won just shy of $1.2 million.


HighStakesDB.com noted:

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Jan/04/2013

Phil Ivey Cleans House at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker

One of the biggest money makers in poker, Phil Ivey, added to his bankroll the day before Christmas with a $460k pay day.

He won the monies between both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  Ivey began playing at Full Tilt earlier in the month following more than a 1-and-a-half year absence.  Ivey plays under the new handle “Polarizing”. 

From HighStakesDB.com:

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Dec/26/2012

Danish Poker Pro Gus Hansen Loses $1.5 Million: Durrrr Returns to Full Tilt

Gus Hansen, one of Denmark’s most well known poker pros, reportedly dropped around $1.5 million over the weekend.

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Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Nov/19/2012

Online Poker Phenom Takes in Ilari ‘Ilari FIN’ Sahamies Wins Nearly $1 Mil Past Week

Finnish high stakes poker phenom Ilari ‘Ilari FIN’ Sahamies managed to win close to $1 million this past week alone. 

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Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Nov/17/2012

Big Name Pros Back at Full Tilt Poker: Isildur1 has $200k Day

With the return of Full Tilt Poker last week, the big name pros were quick to start playing, provided of course they are located outside the US since FTP prohibits accounts from the States.

In just 24 hours, Full Tilt Poker managed to return to its coveted number two spot of most trafficked online poker sites in the world despite the lack of US players. 

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Nov/11/2012

Isildur1 is Full Tilt Poker’s Biggest Winner to Kick Off Re-Launch

Swedish poker pro extraordinaire Viktor “Isildur1” Blom kicked off the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker by cashing out more than any other player within the first 24 hours.


HighStakesDB.com broke it all down.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Nov/08/2012

Ilari ‘Ilari FIN’ Sahamies Wins $1 Million in Just 48 Hours

One of Finland’s most prominent high stakes poker players, Ilari ‘Ilari FIN’ Sahamies, managed to win just over $1 million in under 48 hours playing online at PokerStars. 

Submitted by Ace King on, Oct/25/2012

Barcode Tops The High Stakes Online Poker Weekly Charts a Second Straight Week

An unidentified Canadian online poker player who goes by the handle of “Barcode” has topped the high stakes charts once again.

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Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Oct/16/2012

Barcode’ Tops PLO Online Poker Winners Three Days Straight

Another mysterious online poker player has made a statement this past week as 1Il|1Il|1il| (or ‘Barcode’) managed to top the PLO winners for three days straight and was Wednesday’s biggest winner overall, taking in $112.3k from $25/$50 up to $100/$200 PLO. 


Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Sep/29/2012

Poker Pro and ‘Spaceman’ Jens ‘Jeans89’ Kyllönen Wins $239k: Up $660k for September

Successful Finnish poker pro Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen won $239k Thursday playing at PokerStars high stakes PLO tables, bringing his September winnings thus far up to $660k, according to HighStakesDB.com.

Submitted by Ace King on, Sep/21/2012

British Poker Pro Sam Trickett Keeps Winning Big

The wins keep on coming for British poker pro Sam Trickett.   

This time Trickett cashed out at the high stakes tables online at the PokerStars.com $200/$400 PLO tables, where he added another $259,000 to his massive 2012 winnings.

On the live circuit, Trickett is approximately $100,000 under Phil Ivey to take over the number two spot of all time biggest poker earners.

Submitted by Ace King on, Sep/13/2012

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