Poker Princess Pleads Not Guilty in High Stakes Poker Russian Mob Probe

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Ace King
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Poker Princess Molly Bloom Pleads Not Guilty in High Stakes Poker Russian Mob Pr

A woman cited for running high stakes poker games for celebrities, athletes and Wall Street bigwigs has pleaded Not Guilty. 

Bloom and 33 others were indicted this past week in connection with their affiliation to a multi-million dollar international gambling ring alleged to have ties to the Russian Mafia.  She was arraigned in a Manhattan federal court on Friday.

Bloom is rumoured to have hosted high stakes games for the likes of Hollywood A-Listers Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.  Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has also been linked to the so-called “Poker Princess” in the past.

Also named in last Tuesday’s indictment is Hillel Nahmad, who is alleged to have used his ritzy midtown Manhattan art gallery to launder money.

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