High Stakes Poker Online

High Stakes Poker Online

Online Poker High Stakes Bloodbath

Million dollar swings, both wins and losses.  It's such a rush for high stakes online poker players the likes of Tom Durrrr Dwan and Cole South among others.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Mar/03/2010

Tom Durrrr Dwan First Profitable Day in Some Time

Online poker player Tom Durrrr Dwan managed to finish in the money for the first time in over two weeks Thursday, beating out Brian Townsend and Cole South, to land successive wins of $244k and $29

Submitted by Ace King on, Feb/28/2010

DoylesRoom.com to run Super Satellite this Sunday


 DoylesRoom.com's ThaBeast86 lived up his to name on Sunday.

Submitted by Payton on, Feb/24/2010

Durrrr Drops $1 Million in One Session

Forwards and backwards, backwards and forwards. Just as a pendulum swings up and down, so do the poker bankrolls of the participants of the biggest online poker cash games online.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/23/2010

Online Poker Player Ziigmund Wins $720K in Under 500 Hands

One of the leading online poker players, a gentleman who goes by the name of Ziigmund (real name Ilari Sahamies), managed to make a fast $720K in a high stakes poker match with Brian Hastings. 

Submitted by Ace King on, Feb/21/2010

Isildur1 Quickly Loses $1 Million Online

No one inspires more action at the tables than Isildur1.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/19/2010

Isildur1 Storms Back, Profiting $1 Million Over 3 Days

The mysterious high stakes online player, Isildur1, came from out of nowhere in the latter stages of 2009 and turned the nosebleed games upside down with his ultra-aggressive poker

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/17/2010

Cole South is Online Poker’s Biggest Winner This Year

No one can dispute the fact that Cole South is on a major heater, the kind most players can only dream about. The CardRunners pro has been absolutely dominating the nosebleed games at Full Tilt Poker since 2010 started and there are no signs that he will be letting up anytime soon.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/12/2010

Patrik Antonius Wins $577K Super Bowl Sunday

We are just a few weeks into 2010 and Patrik Antonius is already among the year's biggest losers.  In fact, he's the second biggest loser according to

Submitted by Ace King on, Feb/08/2010

Urindaner Has a Rough Weekend at Poker Tables

This past weekend saw the usual insane action at the nosebleed tables over on Full Tilt Poker.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/08/2010

Poker Pro Brian Townsend Loses Half Mil in Single Session

With his month long suspension imposed by Full Tilt Poker in his rear-view mirror, sponsored pro Brian Townsend

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/03/2010

Poker News: Gus Hansen, Brian Hastings Win Big

One of poker's biggest losers of 2009 is thus far among 2010's biggest gainers.  Dane Gus Hansen won another $384K the other day.

Submitted by Ace King on, Feb/02/2010

Poker Challenge: Durrrr Up on Antonius by $1 Million

The matchup that never ends hit a milestone of sorts over the weekend, as Tom "durrrr" Dwan turned of the heat on a beleaguered Patrik Antonius and added

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/01/2010

Poker Pros Phil Ivey and Ziigmund Up in 2010

Even the greatest poker players in the world can have a rough night.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/01/2010

Chili Poker, VC Poker: No Sharks Allowed

There has been plenty of controversy within the online poker community these days regarding online poker rooms that have systematically been getting rid of winning players.  Among the chief culpri

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jan/30/2010

The Durrrr Challenge a Zzzzzzz

Is the once highly touted-turned tired Durrrr Challenge still going?

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/29/2010

Hot Poker Pro: Zigmund on Fire

When it comes to online poker heavy hitters at the high stakes games, a player by the name of Zigmund certainly comes to mind and he is really heating up as we head into the month of February.

Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/28/2010

Russian Poker Players Enter High Stake Games Online

"The Russians are coming!"

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Jan/27/2010



Submitted by Payton on, Jan/25/2010

Poker Pro Gus Hansen Great Start to New Year

Danish poker pro Gus Hansen has so far racked up an amazing $194K in just the first 10 days of 2010.

PokerTableRankings.com points out that Gus had a record loss online for 2009 and is yet to complete a profitable year according to online records which begs the question, how does one of the world's greatest poker players have such a bad run online?

Simply put, Hansen plays a lot and for big money.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Jan/11/2010

Online Poker Sensation Isildur1 Could Return

The online poker phenom known as Isildur1 had not played on the Web (at least not under this handle) since being drained of a few million during a high stakes poker game by a group that now admits

Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/04/2010

Online Poker: Biggest Losers of 2009

It's not exactly a category poker players want to find themselves stuck in but there were some pretty big online poker losers.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Jan/03/2010

Online Poker: Chris Moorman #1 in 2009

DoylesRoom.com British poker player Chris Moorman (moorman1) has ranked the number one online poker tournament

Submitted by Ace King on, Dec/30/2009

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