Isildur1 vs. Daniel Negreanu Lands Kid Poker in the Black

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Ace King
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Isildur1 vs. Daniel Negreanu

The high stakes online poker challenge pitting two of today’s most recognized players against one another - Isildur1 vs. Daniel Negreanu – turned into one for the ages.

After destroying Negreanu last week, Isildur1 found himself on the losing end as Kid Poker stormed back to complete the two part challenge.  He ended up $26,500 in the black when all was said and done.


The first half of the match belonged to Isildur1, so much so that Daniel later said caused him to "smash everything in the room." After about 1200 hands, Isildur was up $120k and Daniels supporters were losing hope. Fortunately for Daniel, this match proved to be a swingy one. Seemingly exactly when the halfway point was hit, the cards began to fall in KidPoker's favor. In the end, Negreanu was able to storm back to even with only 141 hands remaining, eventually taking the lead, ending the challenge with a $26,500 profit. noted that both players exhibited true sportsmanship throughout the widely touted challenge. 

Isildur1 played throughout much of 2010 without his true identity being known.  In December, he signed on exclusively with PokerStars.  That company later revealed Isildur1 to be young Swedish poker prodigy Viktor Blum. 

Negreanu, until just a few weeks ago, was the all-time winningest poker player in terms of live circuit cashouts.  Negreanu’s outspoken nature makes him one of the most controversial figures in the world of poker. 

- Ace King,

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