Isildur1 Incognito at PokerStars

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C Costigan
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Is the controversial online player known as Isildur1 lurking around the bigger games on PokerStars. This rumor, as first reported by is making the rounds online and is being fueled by the absence of the unknown pro at the site where he gained his notoriety.

By now, many people seem to believe that Isildur1 is young Swedish poker pro Viktor Blom, though that rumor has not yet been substantiated. The latest round of the rumor mill has a growing sector of the online poker fan base believing that a player named “grolongo” on PokerStars is in fact the mysterious Isildur1. Observers point to the fact that both Isildur1 and grolongo hail from the same place, a town called Göteborg, Sweden.

In addition to the geographical coincidence, fans of the high stakes tables believe that the two players share similar playing styles along with similar tendencies. If that’s not enough of an argument, grolongo has also exhibited Isildur1’s propensity to take on all comers, regardless of the stakes. For example, in the past 48 hours, grolongo has taken on a virtual who’s who of online poker’s top players such as Brian “$tinger88″Hastings, Phil “MrSweet28″Galfond and Ariel “Vick Is God” Schneller.

Isildur1 has been away from the Full Tilt Poker tables for an extended break now, leaving many to believe his kamikaze ways have finally wiped out his bankroll. It would stand to question just how grolongo got the bankroll needed to play at Stars unless he was in fact Isildur1.


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