Patrik Antonius Takes Full Advantage of US Poker Player Exclusions

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Patrik Antonius

Just because the US Government has forced PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to leave the US market doesn’t necessarily mean the high stakes online action has ceased.  It’s just become less competitive and makes for a cake walk for European pros like Finland’s Patrik Antonius.

Taking full advantage of the exclusion of US players, Antonius managed a $361K win in the high stakes games Wednesday night.


For a change the 6-Max $300/$600 PLO games were running with Antonius, Gus Hansen, FinnishNightmre, skjervoy, NoPasaran and Esvedra trading huge pots back and forth.

Antonius has been the man to beat since Full Tilt closed its doors to U.S. players last weekend and that certainly didn’t change last night.

The Finnish poker pro played 422 hands and raked a $191k monster pot when he flopped a straight against NoPasaran and FinnishNightmre who both had over-pairs.

Despite losing one bad session to Gus Hansen, Antonius has been on a tear over the last few days and accumulated nearly $500k in profit.

- Ace King,