Gus Hansen Could Erase Year’s $2.3 Million Deficit

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Gus Hansen

Danish poker star Gus Hansen’s incredible good luck continued over the weekend with a nearly $100K win over Urindanger.  He amassed another couple hundred thousand dollars to bring his October winnings to $1.4 million.

Hansen was currently in a $2.3 million hole and had been as much down as $7.7 million as recently as August.

Late last year, Hansen even vowed to retire.  Instead, that “retirement” turned into a “bit of a break” following losses of around $6 million.

Hansen is among the best known of the online poker high stakes players.

The Dane built his bankroll beginning in 2003 with a $500,000 plus WPT L.A. Poker Classic 1st place win, a $556480 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic 1st place win, and followed up in 2004 by winning the WPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 1st place nearly $500,000 prize.

In 2007, Hansen won the Aussie Millions tournament and the $1.5 million that came with it.  He came in 2nd place at the WPT World Championship in 2008 and took home over $1.7 million.

Hansen also made out sweetly with the sale of his stakes in to Betfair.  That sale went for around $15 million, mere chump change for the world’s biggest betting exchange, which last week started trading on the London Stock Exchange with an initial public offering of $2.84 billion.



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