The Simpsons Co-Creator Online Poker “Cheat Cam” Claims: Player Lost $4 Mil

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
The Simpsons

Sam Simon, the co-creator of the popular long running Fox animated television show, The Simpsons, claims that a high stakes online poker player lost over $4 million after someone broke into his home and installed a “cheat cam”.

Simon, a poker player himself, said that the individual in question is one of the biggest “nosebleed” players out there.

"He was losing, and losing, and losing," Simon says. Then the "nosebleed" discovered why: Someone had broken into his house, and installed a cheat cam.

"He found a camera stuck in his ceiling, looking at the screen" of his computer, Simon says.

Simon himself relayed to the Las Vegas Review Journal that he too has been a victim of online poker cheating scams.

"I just got a refund from PokerStars," after the company ran an algorithm and realized Simon had been victimized by the two-friends-in-a-room scam, he told the paper.

Simon said he no longer plays poker online. 

The Simpsons creator says he is critical of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s efforts to push through a bill legalizing Internet poker in the US because it “bans existing sites” for a period of over one year.  Simon’s own experience with PokerStars convinced him that the sites do self-regulate themselves to a certain extent.

He claims Reid’s bill is unfair to the offshore operators.  Simon goes as far as to say Reid’s efforts are “corrupt”.

"I think it's the most obvious, corrupt, terrible thing I've ever heard of," says Simon, a Democrat who has so much money, he self-funds his acclaimed Sam Simon Foundation for rescue dogs, which accepts not one penny in contributions.

"The idea the United States could decide that only casinos -- his supporters -- could own online poker sites is beyond belief. America is in big trouble. It's become a banana republic.

"That is giving a monopoly to your friends. That is to the detriment of everyone who wants to have fun playing poker."

Simon added that the only reason online poker sites have been “siphoning money out of the US” is because “we (The US Government) have made them fugitives”. 

- Ace King,