Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown Record at 7-2

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Patrick Flanigan
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Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown Record

The SuperStar Showdown is PokerStars version of boxing matches that always pit the same great fighter against other contenders, in this case, online poker phenom Isildur1. 

As a Swede, he is one of the Team PokerStars players not affected by the April 15, 2011 crackdown on the world’s largest Internet card room by US authorities. observed how this SuperStar Showdown pitted Isildur1 (real name Viktor Blom) against a Polish online poker qualifier by the name of “Mastermixus”. 

In this go-around, Blom took on an online qualifier from Poland known as “Mastermixus”.  In past installments of the Showdown, there was no additional prize on the line for the winner.  However, for this contest, there was a prize of $10,000 awaiting the player who managed to completely stack his opponent.

Early on, the two players seemed to be feeling each other out, however, Mastermixus took the first all-in pot when his bottom two pair snapped off Blom’s King high bluff attempt. A short while later, Blom’s pocket Aces took down the qualifier’s pocket Jacks for the next all-in pot and they were back to about even. Perhaps feeling a bit over his head, Mastermixus seemed to be shell-shocked after losing a big hand and requested a five-minute break to gather himself.  After that, he was visibly flustered as Blom hammered away, winning 51 of the next 60 hands played. He was however, able to win a number of the larger contested pots and at the 1,500 hand mark had a lead of over $3,500. However, Blom stormed back, taking advantage of his opponent’s passivity and when it concluded, Blom had won the match by $1,279.  His opponent meanwhile seemed content with winning the remaining $13,721 of his Showdown bankroll. 

The win makes Blom 7-2 in career Showdowns and as of now, it is unknown who his next victim will be.  The only thing for certain is that it will not be against an American player.

- Patrick Flanagan,


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