Introducing the Newest Poker Babe: Miami’s Ebony Kenney

Written by:
Jenny Woo
Published on:
Ebony Kenney

With the state of Florida positioning itself to become the mainstay of high stakes poker, some of that Miami Heat was bound to make its way to the table.  Welcome Ebony Kenney:  Model, mom and professional poker player. 

Kenney has already won $80,000 in the past couple of months since going pro.

"That's like my 9-5," said Kenney, a Fort Myers native who now lives in North Miami Beach, just a few miles up from the home of "While my kids are at school, I go and I play.”

Back in July of last year, a number of new state laws went into effect in Florida, among them, no more $100 maximum buy-in for poker.  Big games with no limits became the law.  Already, poker tournament organizers have begun to schedule events in Florida.  This past week, the Kennel Club in West Palm Beach was expecting 500 to 800 players each day of the first ever World Series of Poker tournament.

That means we’ll be seeing a lot of Ebony Kenney at the tables locally.

The modeling came rather unexpectedly, Kenney tells Tampa Bay Online.

"A month after I moved down here, I started getting approached by photographers and agents, and asked to do stuff," said Kenney.

Kenney has played poker for the better part of nine years, but not professionally.  She has also worked as a casino dealer.

-   Jenny Woo, Senior International Correspondent