Online Poker: One Star Rises While Another One Crashes

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall…the cream rises to the top…The rich get richer.  All three of these statements are pretty common figures of speech. Additionally, all three are good descriptions of the last 24 hours in the nosebleed online poker games as one poker legend reminded all why he is arguably the greatest, while the hottest young player in the game reminded us all that he is just as likely to lose an obscene dollar figure as he is to winning.

The action took place at the world’s two largest online poker sites, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  Over on PokerStars, the human meteor that is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, followed up a blistering week of winning, primarily against Scott Palmer, with an absolutely catastrophic losing session where he dropped over $734K. Blom made his donations to a couple of players who are not quite the bold-faced names we are accustomed to seeing him do battle against. He dropped a shade over $200K to a player named “compris” which was bad enough. However, it was the over half a million he lost to “Gavz101” which likely caused him to have more than a few nightmares, assuming he was able to sleep at all. The two relative unknowns were among the top online winners’ charts for yesterday thanks to their run in with the electrifying Swede.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual over on Full Tilt for poker great Phil Ivey who lived up to his characteristic small volume, win big way of operating.  He played just 244 hands of $3,000/$6,000 Limit Hold’em against Kagome Kagome, but it was enough time for the icon to win an impressive $431K.  The win boosted Ivey’s career online cash game earnings to an estimated $18M. Not too shabby no matter how you look at it.

With the weekend just around the corner, it could be the beginning of some sick action to come as most would agree that Blom won’t take his recent beatdown lying down.