Isildur1 Joins Team PokerStars

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Ace King
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Isildur1 Joins PokerStars

The elusive and popular online poker player Isildur1 has joined Team PokerStars.

Isildur1 is rumored to be Viktor Blom though other speculate he is really Robert Flink. says that Isildur1 was “the best thing to happen to online poker in 2009”.

The funny thing about Isildur1 is that nobody knows who he really is. Bursting onto the nosebleed stakes scene in November, Isildur1 caught the majority of Full Tilt’s high stakes regulars off-guard. He took on Tom Dwan several times and fleeced him pretty well every time. By the end of the slaughter that the Dwan v Isildur1 series of heads up matches had become, the mystery Swede was more than $4 million up on the New Jersey Wonderkid. He did manage to take some dough off Ivey too, but he didn’t fare so well against Patrik Antonius, who kept using him as an ATM.

Isildur1 would later drop $4.2 million over a single session to Cardrunners pro Brian Hastings.

The largest online poker hand ever won by Isildur1 was $1,127,955 at Full Tilt Poker. 

He may be among the most popular of today’s new age online poker players, but financial advisor Suze Orman might not be overly impressed.

All years winnings for Isildur1 are -$2,630,230 (2475 sessions), and yes, that is a (-) sign in front of that 7 digit number.

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