Poker Strategies

Poker Strategies

What Are the Biggest Mindset Leaks Average Poker Players Suffer From?

What Are the Biggest Mindset Leaks Average Poker Players Suffer From?

A leak in poker is defined as a weakness that results in an element of poor play and bad overall strategies that consistently reduces a player's winnings.

Submitted by Guest on, May/02/2017

Overbetting in Poker – Strategy

Matt Berkey, Andrew Brokos and Dave Woods share their insight into the strategy of overbetting in poker

Submitted by Guest on, Mar/21/2017

Poker Techniques – Learning From the Pros

Poker Techniques – Learning From the Pros

Understanding the basics of poker may only take an hour at most, but truly mastering the game can take an entire lifetime, as every serious poker player will tell you. This is why most poker professionals will send anyone who asks for their precious poker tips packing. Still, there are a few techniques we’ve managed to pick up over the years; especially since poker tournaments and online poker became so popular.

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/09/2017

Why Is Bluffing So Important In Poker?

Why Is Bluffing So Important In Poker?

Reward in poker does now come without risk. The biggest factor that determines whether or not somebody becomes successful in the game is based on whether or not they can bluff effectively.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/30/2016

The 10 Most Helpful Poker Books (And Which to Avoid)

Learning a new skill is a lovely feeling. It broadens the mind and enlivens it to new possibilities, allowing you to form new neurological connections and see existing knowledge in a new light. Teaching yourself is an important part of this process, but unless you’re a prodigy in you’re chosen field, being self-taught will only take you so far. Sometimes, the only way to improve past a certain level is to benefit from the experience and wisdom of others. Poker is one such field.


Submitted by Payton on, Mar/11/2015

Ivey’s big question: why is edge sorting cheating?

Phil Ivey’s recent failure to win the right of appeal in his court case against a London casino raises some profound questions for card players. The ten time WSOP winner lost a $12.4 million court case in London, England in 2012 after the casino refused to pay out on his baccarat win there, insisting that because he had ‘edge-sorted’ he had in effect cheated them.


Submitted by Payton on, Oct/13/2014

Famous Poker Comebacks

The great thing about poker is that there’s always a possibility that you can come from behind to win, even if you're down to your last chip. And there have certainly been quite a few spectacular poker comebacks over the years in both land-based casinos and online.

A well-known poker phrase is "a chip and a chair," and that refers to what is undoubtedly the most notable poker comeback of all time. This honor is reserved for the legendary Jack Straus.


1. Jack Straus

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/07/2014

Four Poker Tells You Can Believe In From Expert Player Mike Caro

The legendary poker pro Mike Caro has published four poker tells he considers critical and almost 100 percent on the money, so to speak. 

What are they?

First, those who buy-in with low amounts and are attempting to hide their money will almost always play conservatively.  Those who flash their funds will play recklessly. 

Second, players who look at their cards and then gaze away from the action are usually intending to bet or raise.

Submitted by Ace King on, Aug/30/2012

Online Poker Fat and Slim Stack Tournaments Arrive at Carbon

When you are late in a tournament, have you ever wished you had more practice playing with a big stack? You would become the table captain and steal blinds and pots with more confidence. What about with a short stack, trying to stay alive and get that crucial double up to get back into the running?

Well, with Carbon Poker’s new Fat and Slim Stack tournaments, players can get all the practice they need with given stack sizes as it will change the way how players perceive and deal with bankroll management.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, May/08/2012

Online Poker Odds Calculator: How to Use Videos

Carbon Poker releases its skill videos for their new online poker odds calculator tool

Submitted by Guest on, Apr/22/2012

DragTheBar Free Poker Training from Carbon

Have you ever felt stagnant and stuck with your poker skills? Are you anxious to take that step up to the next level and start winning some serious money at higher stakes? Online poker is a great game because it is constantly evolving and top players must continually adapt along with it. Carbon Poker recognizes this and they are here to help with their friends from DragTheBar.

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/18/2012

Badugi Triple Draw Poker Online is taking a look at the different online poker games available and with this piece we focus on Badugi Triple Draw Poker, available at Lock Poker, which is giving away up to $750 in FREE CASH here (Lock Poker is compatible with Macs and PCs)

The exact origin of Baduci is unknown but the game is growing in popularity since it is now being played in card rooms around the world and online at poker sites like Lock Poker.

Submitted by Guest on, Dec/12/2011

Online Poker Caribbean Stud Jackpot

In our continuing look at online poker strategies and, more specificially, the features offered by Carbon Poker, focuses on the Caribbean Stud Jackpot offered by Carbon

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Dec/09/2011

Internet Poker Strategies: Expose One Card, Deal the Turn and River Community Cards Twice

In our continuing look at Internet poker room strategies and Carbon Poker’s unique software benefits, focuses on the Expose One Card and Deal The Turn and River Community Cards twice features.  Carbon Poker offers both and you can get up to $600 in FREE CASH or 100 percent on your initial deposit. 

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Dec/09/2011

Online Poker: The Rabbit Hunt

In this series that looks at the Carbon Poker software perks, takes a look at the online poker rabbit hunt.

What exactly is the rabbit hunt you might be asking?

In home games, opposing players may ask to see what cards would have come had they not folded.  This is called rabbit hunting and it is available at Carbon Poker, but not at your local casino.  

From Carbon Poker: 

Submitted by Ace King on, Dec/09/2011

WAR at Cake Poker

There is WAR at Cake Poker.  Death, dismemberment?  Not quite.

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Aug/22/2011

Doyle Wins Bet for Not Dying

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/25/2011

Doyle's Twitter Fans Could Win Vegas Trip has announced a special Twitter Followers freeroll to mark Doyle Brunson's upcoming 100,000 Twitter followers achievement.

Submitted by Payton on, Oct/21/2009

Would Sarah Palin Really Make a Good Poker Player?

The question was asked a few days ago by Aaron Michaels of the Examiner:  Would the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin make a good poker player?

Submitted by Ace King on, Aug/05/2009

Chris Moneymaker Interview With Jenny Woo

I had the chance to sit down with Chris Moneymaker who is known by many as a player that started a phenomenon - also known as the "Moneymaker Effect".  He made average Joes young and old

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Aug/04/2009

Introducing 7 Deuce Hold ‘em Online Poker Tables

Seven-Deuce No Limit Hold ‘em Tables are Dealing out the Coolest, Most Exciting New Way to Play Hold'em Online at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker

Submitted by Guest on, Aug/01/2009

The World Series of Poker Academy Chicago Debut

World Series Of Poker Academy To Make Chicago Area Debut At  Horseshoe Casino , Aug. 29-30

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/22/2009

A Look at Phil Hellmuth’s Ambitions from his New Book

In its weekly extract column, community site Cardrunners have quoted Phil Hellmuth's life ambitions, from his new

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/01/2009

WSOP Academy Hosts First Annual Tournament Of Champions

Winner of 11-person tournament on July 1 to win $10,000 seat to the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event

LAS VEGAS - The World Series of Poker Academy, poker's premier series of instructional camps where participants learn first-hand from the world's greatest players, will host the first annual WSOP Academy Tournament of Champions on July 1, 2009, 8:00pm PST, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/30/2009

World Series of Poker Academy Teaches Main Event Primer

Phil Hellmuth, Phil Gordon, Annie Duke, Greg Raymer, Mark Seif, Joe Navarro, Sam Chauhan and Annette Obrestadt Among Instructors Who Will Prepare Participants for the 2009 World Series of Poker Mai

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/24/2009

Odds to Win 2009 World Series of Poker

A popular bet option each year - and one that is not always the easiest to find - is wagering on which poker player will win the World Series of Poker.  Odds to win the 2009 World Series of Poker

Submitted by Guest on, May/26/2009

WSOP Poker Academy VIP Package Giveaway

Blast away the Monday Blues at with the World Series of Poker ("WSOP")* Academy Deluxe VIP Package tournament, scheduled every Mo

Submitted by Guest on, May/19/2009

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