Poker Techniques – Learning From the Pros

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Understanding the basics of poker may only take an hour at most, but truly mastering the game can take an entire lifetime, as every serious poker player will tell you. This is why most poker professionals will send anyone who asks for their precious poker tips packing. Still, there are a few techniques we’ve managed to pick up over the years; especially since poker tournaments and online poker became so popular.

In fact, the success experienced by the online casino industry may have something to do with the enduring love the USA has for poker. There are dozens of online casinos accessible across the web, offering many poker variants and unique promotions, so it’s easy to find a site that best suits your needs. For example, if you are often on the go, certain providers such as PocketWin enable you to make a casino deposit by phone and play a Hi-Lo variant of poker, whilst other sites host live poker games around the clock so you can play whenever and wherever you please. A site like PocketWin will also allow you to play for fun or real money, so you can first try your hand without taking any risks.

With such a vast world of poker to indulge in, it’s more important than ever to know what you’re doing when you play. So here are four poker techniques that will help you up your game.

Study, Study, Study

To be good at anything in life one must put time aside to master it, a motto that thoroughly applies to poker. Take the time to read strategy books, watch the pros like Bertrand Grospellier play live on Twitch and find out how they got to where they are. Ensure that you immerse yourself in any extra knowledge you feel you may need to know about poker. By doing this you increase your chances of staying in control throughout the game, a skill that every poker player can admire.

One book that we highly recommend is Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments by productive poker writer Jonathon Little, as it enables new players to apply strategies to smaller games that will work well during larger tournaments. Alternatively, if you would like to focus on your online abilities then The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky is a great read that will help you get a grip on all online poker variants from Texas hold ’em to seven-card stud.

Be Unpredictable

The worst thing any poker player can do is fall into a rhythm, which is unfortunate considering it will happen to almost every player unless they make an active effort to avoid it. Ensure you keep your game varied, or your opponents will soon pick up on any patterns you develop and will eventually outplay you. Instead, keep them on their toes by paying attention to your bets and bluffs. Before being labelled The Mad Genius of Poker, Mike Caro was known as Crazy Mike due to his uncanny ability to keep his opponents guessing. To this day, the unpredictable poker player is renowned for his numerous books on poker theory and his unusual playing style.

Be Prepared to Lose

Unfortunately, though poker requires skill and knowledge, it is certain that you will lose at some point, regardless of your expertise. This is what makes the game so fun most of the time, but can become frustrating if you start to experience a downswing. Even the professionals can be crushed by bad luck, so never play too much or too fast unless you’re fairly sure you’re on the up and remember: failure isn’t fatal. Young pro Alexander Millar has suggested that the best way to deal with a losing streak is to “channel that frustration into a desire to improve your game”.

Be Selective About Starting Hands

Unfortunately not every hand you receive during poker will be winner, which is why some professional players who only play their better starting hands instead of every bunch of cards they end up with. Of course, players who play the majority of their hands regardless can still be successful but you need considerable amounts of skill for that technique to work. Still, players like David Negreanu are known for turning bad hands into big payouts. The Canadian pro has won a huge amount by bluffing and raising the jackpot, like in the video below. 


Using these four basic techniques, you’ll soon find that your poker skills have increased significantly. Remember, though, poker is a game and should always be fun, so don’t take it too seriously.