Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth: Dusty Schmidt Defends Book

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Ace King
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Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth Book

The author of a recently released book entitled “Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth” has gone on the defensive and reiterating that 11-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth is not an expert when it comes to no limit holdem cash games.  Dusty Schmidt insists he knows more than Phil.

Writing on his blog, Schmidt blasted articles that blasted his book:

The articles about the book I find most laughable are the ones that go something like this,“Who does this Schmidt kid think he is? How dare he question the champ. How many bracelets does this kid have anyway? ZERO. And he’s telling a guy with 11 that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?” Those ones always make me laugh. I think what many are forgetting is that this is a no limit holdem cash game book. This has nothing to do with tournaments whatsoever. Sure, the cash game advice will apply very well in the early stages of tournaments when stacks are deep, but the fact that Phil has won 11 bracelets and that somehow means he knows more than me about no limit holdem cash games, well, that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.’s own Thomas Somach reported on some of Schmidt's comments about his new book, such as: "I started thinking about all of these things you hear people say on TV and got an idea to do a book based on correcting misconceptions. We start each chapter with a misconception and move on to things loosely related to that. As we were going though the misconceptions we had, we realized that Phil Hellmuth dominated the list."

Hellmuth himself responded to Schmidt’s assertion that he did not know anything about poker.

"If I do not know anything about poker, then Michael Jordan doesn't know anything about basketball!!” he told our own Thomas Somach.

Schmidt added in his blog:

The bottom line is this. I play cash games and Phil plays tournaments, for the most part. We both sometimes play each others games, but we both definitely fall into two separate categories as players. Writers can speculate all they want. That is their job and they are good at it. I have no problem with that. But if Phil was really a great cash game player and thought I wasn’t any good, we’d be playing heads up. Because there is no way a poker player is going to pass up on playing big stakes against someone else who they thought was far inferior. I would never turn down an offer to play someone I was substantially better than in a high stakes HU match and neither would Phil. I haven’t gotten any messages as far as I can tell about any offers to play Phil and you can guarantee I won’t. And that’s pretty much all anyone needs to know to figure out this whole debate. Because I know that’s sure not a match I would run from.

Schmidt notes that many people have already ordered his book despite the lack of any full length reviews.

- Ace King,