Online Poker Odds Calculator: How to Use Videos

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Online Poker Odds Calculator:  How to Use Videos

Carbon Poker releases its skill videos for their new online poker odds calculator tool

With the release of the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator a few weeks back, players all across the site are using it and improving their skills. But, there is always something more to learn about this great new tool at Carbon Poker and the support team at Carbon realized that. They have since released seven different videos players can view to help them understand the optimal way to use the odds calculator going forward.

Starting with explaining the simple installation procedure, these videos cover a wide array of topics regarding the calculator and inform players how to customize it to their liking. The topics include : basic tour and navigation, using the calculator’s profile, displaying odds, addresses hand strength and position, customizing the HUD to display all the info one wants, and using the hand replayer to improve.

With the online game moving at such a quick pace over the past few years having a tool like this and knowing how to completely use it can speed up one’s learning curve exponentially, so make sure you check out these videos today.

All the videos can be seen here