Would Sarah Palin Really Make a Good Poker Player?

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Ace King
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Sarah Palin

The question was asked a few days ago by Aaron Michaels of the Examiner:  Would the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin make a good poker player?

Her dad Heath seems to think so.

"(Sarah would) be a good poker player," he said.  "She never divulged what she's going to do next."

That alone doesn't necessarily make someone a good poker player though.

Michaels offered up five other traits Sarah Palin exhibits that could qualify. (Read the original story here)

1.     Opponents may have low expectations.  In her debate with Joe Biden, Palin basically just needed a pulse to be considered a success, Michaels points out.   "In poker, you can take advantage of your opponents if you know they have low expectations. If they think you're a loose, passive player, you can set them up with a big check raise. Palin is perceptive enough to know what people think of her to take advantage of those low expectations."

2.     She lives in Alaska. "Despite a relatively small population, Alaska has produced some real hum-dingers in the poker world."

3.     She's real attractive.  "Attractive women can use their appearance to make men play poorly at the poker table."

4.     She's a runner.  Sarah has run many marathons.  Why is this important to be a good poker player?  "While running itself isn't necessarily linked with playing poker well, it takes a great deal of discipline and endurance to train for a marathon. It also takes a great deal of discipline and endurance to patiently fold bad hands when you've been hit by a cold deck. Palin has proven herself as a runner, and that would bode well for her chances at the poker table."

5.     She's a maverick. 

You probably saw the last one coming a mile away.

Ace King, Gambling911.com 

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