Online Poker Fat and Slim Stack Tournaments Arrive at Carbon

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Matt Skinner
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Online Poker Fat and Slim Stack Tournaments Arrive at Carbon

When you are late in a tournament, have you ever wished you had more practice playing with a big stack? You would become the table captain and steal blinds and pots with more confidence. What about with a short stack, trying to stay alive and get that crucial double up to get back into the running?

Well, with Carbon Poker’s new Fat and Slim Stack tournaments, players can get all the practice they need with given stack sizes as it will change the way how players perceive and deal with bankroll management.

These Fat and Slim Stack tournaments run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and have buy-ins that range from $2 to $10. For the Fat Stack tournaments, players start with $1,000,000 in chips with the blinds starting at 25K/50K. The levels increase every 10 minutes so there will be plenty of time to get some deep stack practice in for players needing improvement there.

The Slim Stack’s are a bit different as players start with only 20 chips and have blinds to deal with starting at 0.5/1. These blind levels also increase in two-minute intervals so playing optimal hands and good short stack strategies are a must.

Either way, these tournaments are a great way to improve your tournament play across the board, making neither a large or short stack situation an intimidating one.

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- Matt Skinner,