Internet Poker Strategies: Expose One Card, Deal the Turn and River Community Cards Twice

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Patrick Flanigan
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Internet Poker:  Expose One Card, Deal the Turn and River Community Cards Twice

In our continuing look at Internet poker room strategies and Carbon Poker’s unique software benefits, Gambling911.com focuses on the Expose One Card and Deal The Turn and River Community Cards twice features.  Carbon Poker offers both and you can get up to $600 in FREE CASH or 100 percent on your initial deposit. 

Whether you're laying down your hand to a big bet, or if no one called your bet, if you really want to keep your opponents on their toes, use CarbonPoker's 'expose one card' feature.

Some poker rooms allow you to show both your hole cards, but at CarbonPoker we go one further and allow you to show either both your cards, or just one card.

Say you had top pair but a weak kicker and you couldn't call a big bet you might show your high card to prove you weren't on a complete bluff. Conversely you might show your low card, to appear as if you were on a complete bluff. Either way showing only 1 card generally leaves your opponent asking more questions for which you gave answers with the card that you did show.

Then there’s the ability to Deal The Turn and River Community Cards or, what Carbon Poker refers to as “Deal It Twice”.


If you are a poker pro with pot odds, variance and EV all figured out in your poker brain bank, Carbon has added one of the most exciting new features to online poker, designed to give any player a chance to try a dealing option with increased popularity in live cash games.

In short, Deal It Twice will give two all-in players the option to deal the turn and river community cards two times. Let's look at an example:

Player X is dealt Qh Jh, and Player Y is dealt Ks 10d. After the first betting round, the flop comes down Js Ad 10d. Both players shove all in, but are always aware of the possibility that the other player will have an Ace, or even pocket Kings.

Dealing the turn and river twice effectively gives a player more chances to hit more outs and improve their hand. Of course, the opponent may always hit their cards also - but this is always a natural possibility when playing online poker!

Deal It Twice will be entirely optional, and both players in a hand must agree to dealing it twice; if one player doesn't consent, then the turn and river will be dealt once as per normal. Players will also have the option to permanently disable Deal It Twice, so only those who opt to have Deal It Twice active need to make a decision after going all-in.

Deal It Twice Conditions:

  • Deal It Twice is only available on real money No-Limit Hold'em ring games.
  • Deal It Twice can only be chosen when exactly two players are all-in, with no other players active in the pot.
  • It is only offered as an option after two players have pushed all-in pre-flop or post-flop. Even if the players are in pre-flop, only the turn and river cards are dealt twice.
  • Deal It Twice will be available only on certain tables at specific stakes. Simply check your online poker client and browse our real money Texas Hold’em ring games to see which tables have Deal It Twice as an option.

- Patrick Flanagan, Gambling911.com