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Below we list all the different US states and the current sports betting climate.  Every state has some opening for the local bookies, whether it be that state regulated books do not permit those under 21 from wagering (bookies often allow anyone 18 and up) or that betting is prohibited on in-state schools.  Let's observe the good, the bad, the ugly and those states that have no regulation in place.



Alabama has long been known as a college football haven but in recent years the state has made a name for itself in the world of college basketball.  In 2023, the Crimson Tide were rewarded the top seed in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  Bettors are plentiful in this state as a result.  Read More


The nation's 50th and largest state in terms of landbase does not currently regulate sports betting.  Bookies can operate here without much worry about others getting involved in their business.  Read More



Arizona has one of the most attractive sports betting industries in the US.   There are currently 17 apps operating in the state of Arizona.  Arizona sportsbook apps are prohibited from taking bets on college game props, thus offering opportunities for local bookies. Read More


Arkansas is ripe with sports bettors courtesy of their beloved Hogs.  Good thing for the local bookie that the state-regulated apps are somewhat inferior when compared to other US states.  Read More


Sports betting is currently NOT regulated in California but that doesn't mean residents aren't constantly exposed to commercials for DraftKings, FanDuel and others.  When individuals see these ads on television, their only option to place a bet is with an offshore book or a local bookmaker like yourself.  Read More


One can start an online sportsbook from the state of Colorado through the use of a sportsbook software solutions firm.  The US Supreme Court has ruled that sports betting is now legal but each state must come up with its own amended laws.  Colorado has since amended its state laws to allow sports betting online and via one's mobile phones courtesy of a voter amendment that just narrowly squeaked by.  The state does have very few restrictions when it comes to betting on sports.  The apps don't allow for betting on college props. Read More


There is no shortage of gamblers in Connecticut with it's NCAA men's team going to the Final Four and the women bowing out early but enjoying another successful year.  S tate-regulated betting sites are prohibited from taking wagers on in-state schools.  That includes the UConn Huskies.  Read More

Delaware (Coming Soon)



Pay Per Head software will be in high demand in the state of Florida courtesy of nonstop success state teams are having.   The Miami Hurricanes found themselves in the Final Four as did this year's Cinderella team, the FAU Owls.  And college football is just around the corner.  Local bookies have full access to the market, sharing only with the offshores and Prizepicks hybrid daily fantasy sports site.  Read More Here


The Bulldogs have been hot in college football over the past few years.  They have won back-to-back championships.  Their success along with the Braves in Major League Baseball and suddenly Georgia is one of the most attractive states when it comes to bettors.   Read More here


Hawaii might not have any professional sports teams, but they have a Rainbow Warriors college football team that enjoyed some nice success up until 2010.  Oh, and did we mention Hawaii has had some really good Little League teams advance to the World Series?  Read More


While there are no professional sports teams in Idaho, they do have a very good college football team in Boise State.  The Broncos enjoyed a successful 2022 outing.  They finished with a 9-4 record straight up.  Read More


Illinois is an excellent state in which to be a bookie.  Even though the state now allows for betting on home teams like the Fighting Illini and Wildcats, you'll need to wager in person on those teams at a casino.  Not exactly the most convenient.  The local bookie makes things much easier by placing those team bets online using the pay per head software.  Read More


Most of the good Pay Per Head software platforms feature the ability to post college player props.  This is not something available on the in-state apps.  Read More



Iowa sports betting is hot as a result of primarily two state teams: The Iowa Hawkeyes and ISU Cyclones.  Both enjoyed some success in the 2023 men's college basketball season.  The Iowa women's college basketball team made it to the Final Four, where they knocked off undefeated South Carolina, the huge favorite to win it all.  And both schools look to do well in the upcoming college football season.  Read More


Kansas was well represented in the 2023 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament once again.  While the Jayhawks entered as a No. 1 seed, it was KSU that advanced the furthest.  Kansas is a hot bed for bookies even though they now have state-regulated sports betting apps.  Read More


Sorry bookies, you no longer have sole access to the Kentucky market with the offshores.  The final day of March, lawmakers voted to allow regulated sports betting in the commonwealth.  Still, there are some great opportunities to be had.  Read More


The state now regulates sports betting in all but a few parishes.  Have no fear bookies, these apps are not allowed to take bets on college props and require customers to be 21 or older.  Read More

Maine (Coming Soon)


Bookies are plentiful throughout the state of Maryland.  This is due to a decades-long crackdown on Internet gamblng sites that led many such companies to stop accepting business from the state.  And now the state has just begun regulating sports betting apps.  Local bookies won't be getting a license any time soon but they can certainly benefit.  Read More


Bookies are likely to thrive in Massachusetts with sports betting now legal.  That's because state-regulated apps will not be able to accept credit card payments and there will be no betting on in-state college teams. Read More


Sports betting and online casino gambling is fully regulated in the state of Michigan with very little in the way of any limitations.  For online registration with the state-regulated apps, a social security number is required.  This benefits the local bookie, who offers anonymity and betting on credit.  Read More

Minnesota (Coming Soon)



Mississippi may be one of the best places to run a bookmaking operation.  The state is gambling-friendly, was one of the first to allow regulated sports betting following a Supreme Court decision overturning decades of prohibition and there are commercials for sportsbooks every few minutes during games.  But Mississippi does not regulate mobile online sports betting.  That's where the local bookie has an edge.  Read More


It's the home state of the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.  And the state of Missouri does not regulate sportsbooks.  This provides an excellent opportunity for local bookies as the demand for betting is going to be quite high, especially during the NFL season.  Read More Here


Montana is all about college football and now even college basketball.  Bookies can do well here as there is no mobile sports wagering, just tacky kiosks in taverns. Read More Here

Nebraska (Coming Soon)

Nevada (Coming Soon)

New Hampshire (Coming Soon)

New Jersey (Coming Soon)

New Mexico (Coming Soon)

New York

Mobile sports betting have launched but the betting platforms are likely to have limitations due to the high taxes imposed on operators, which could impact odds competitiveness and bonus offerings, thus making the Empire State a hotbed for bookies.  New York regulated apps also prohibit betting on in-state schools.  Read More

North Carolina

North Carolina currently has sportsbook but only in three tribal casinos.  Mobile sports betting legislation is on the verge of passing soon. Read More

North Dakota (Coming Soon)

Ohio (Coming Soon)


The state of Oklahoma does not regulate sports betting.  Bookies perform especially well in the state during college football, but let's not forget that Oklahoma City has an NBA team that has had success in past years.  Read More


Oregon is a great state to be a bookie.  There is plenty of exposure to sports betting with a single app available in the state.  But there is no wagering on college games. Read More

Pennsylvania (Coming Soon)

Rhode Island (Coming Soon)

South Carolina (Coming Soon)

South Dakota (Coming Soon)


Bookies should be able to prosper in the Volunteer State as Tennessee regulated apps cap winnings at 90% (the state holds a mandatory 10% of your winnings).  It's one of the worst deals in all of US regulated sports betting.  On top of that, federal tax is 28%. Read More


Texas is the second largest state in the US and has yet to regulate sportsbook sites.  That won't stop folks living there from placing bets on their beloved teams, both professional and at the collegiate level.  The ads for DraftKings, FanDuels and Caesars appear on Texas televisions regardless of whether the Lone Star State itself has regulations in place.  Legalized sports betting has already made an imprint in the US market and the floodgates are already open.  There is no turning back at this point.  Read More


Bookies and agents looking for a Price Per Head for all their college football needs in the state of Utah should look no further than Power Pay Per Head for all their needs.  Utah also has a professional NBA team, which has played well over the years but was a few games under the .500 mark in 2023.  They were still giving local bookies fits with their 43-32-2 record Against The Spread.  Read More

Vermont (Coming Soon)


The state has a great college sports program with the Cavaliers in basketball and Hokies in football but the regulated sports betting apps are prohibited from taking bets on these in-state teams.  That's where the bookies step in to fill the void.  Read More


Washington State has legalized sports betting, just not via one's mobile devices, unless they happen to be near one of the tribal casinos that has a sportsbook. Read More

West Virginia (Coming Soon)


White label sportsbooks are available to those residence of Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.  Mobile betting is not regulated in the states, however, there are retail sportsbooks at some tribal casinos.  Read More

Wyoming (Coming Soon)

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