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AcePerHead.com is a terrific Pay Per Head company that offers a comprehensive sports betting platform for bookies and agents who happen to reside in the beautiful states of Wyoming, Idaho or Montana.

While there are no professional sports teams in either of these states, Boise State football is big in Idaho with the smaller Wyoming and Montana teams enjoying a nice fan base as well.  In the NFL, the Seahawks and 49ers have decent size fan bases in Idaho while Broncos fans reign supreme throughout much of Montana (15 percent of the NFL fan base) and Wyoming (a quarter or more of the fan base). 

AcePerHead.com offers one of the most comprehensive sports betting platforms available today featuring a robust wagering interface compatible with any devise, mobile or otherwise and it is available 24/7 that includes LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on most televised games.

AcePerHead.com is currently offering a FREE 6-WEEK TRIAL and you will pay X amount of dollars per active customer without any of the headaches that typically come with running a bookmaking business alone.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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