Can I Start an Online Sportsbook From Georgia?

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Mary Montgomery
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The Bulldogs have been hot in college football over the past few years.  They have won back-to-back championships.  Their success along with the Braves in Major League Baseball and suddenly Georgia is one of the most attractive states when it comes to bettors.


How to Start Your Online Mobile Sportsbook in Georgia

For a fee as low as $3 per head (per customer/player) per week, you will get a customized website for your players, 24/7 customer service (online and by phone), full odds service, live in-play wagering, betting on most international sports, full reporting, an online casino, a horse book and much more.  AcePerHead is currently running a FREE WEEK every month FOR LIFE promo.

There are no upfront costs such as the purchase of the software, etc...  Also no need to hire anyone other than the recommended accountant and perhaps an assistant.  Remember, you will be spending most of your time on the beach. 

Is Sports Betting Regulated in GA?

No.  Georgia lawmakers are trying but they are being met with much resistance.  This is not the most gambling-friendly state in the US.

The GA legislative session ended on March 31 without a vote on a piece of sports betting legislation.

Benefits of Betting With a Local vs. Regulated Sportsbook in Georgia

There are plenty of state-regulated apps for the Arizona gambler.  But local bookies provide anonymity, wagering on credit and typically accept customers 18 and up.  They also do not require extensive paperwork.  Pay per head businesses like also provide wagering on many events and options not available at regulated books.  They also feature an online casino and racebook.  Local bookies do not report your winnings to the IRS (you still need to file your taxes).


Never accept customers you have not fully screened beforehand.  You should either be familiar with your customers or they should contain references.  A pay per head has eliminated a number of elements of the bookmaking business once deemed to be illegal such as the operation of a wire room and the settlement of payments/collections via cash.  For example, bets are placed over a secure website with servers outside the United States.  Bets by phone are strongly discouraged

Pay per heads like AcePerHead also offer money transactions via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that take place via the website.

Take That Extra Step:

  • Do not take bets over the phone.
  • Avoid taking on customers who reside outside your state.
  • Know your customers and check referrals.
  • Do not engage with individuals involved in any type of criminal activities.
  • Use cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Tumblers provided by AcePerHead, for secure anonymous transactions.
  • Keep your customers information private.
  • Always file your taxes.

Today's pay per head businesses are regular sponsors on your favorite search engines so they enjoy maximum exposure, but not all pay per head businesses are the same.  AcePerHead is one of the most established in the industry.

Avoid those services that only offer the software for super cheap and nothing else.

Georgia Team Report (Updated March 31, 2023)

The UGA Bulldogs College Football -

In 2022, the Bulldogs beat Alabama 33–18 in the National Championship Game to finish at 14–1 and walk away with the title.

In 2023, the Bulldogs beat TCU 65-7 in the National Championship Game and finished undefeated at 15-0 for the first time in school history to win the National Championship.

Coming into the 2023 regular season, the Bulldogs are once again the favorite at 2-1 odds.

Atlanta Braves Baseball -

The Braves are another hot team in the Peach Tree State. They had the second best odds at 8-1 after the Houston Astros to win this year's World Series.

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