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Poker Pro Maria Ho: “Come and Eat This Truffle Stuffed Cookie”

Hot Asian poker babe Maria Ho is selling that delicious Truffle Stuffed Cookie this holiday season and anyone with a mouth, tongue and teeth can taste it (even Doyle Brunson).

Doyle Brunson: The World is Going to End in 2012

I’m always glad to see Christmas come and then glad to see it leave. It is a time for family holidays. Our family does an overkill on the gift giving. Our Christmas tree is overloaded with presents and even overflows our living room.

How Your Favorite Poker Pros Spent Their Christmas

What did your favorite poker pros do this Christmas? Let’s take a look.

Tom Durrrr Dwan Leads Durrrr Online Poker Challenge

It’s been widely publicized throughout 2009, The Durrrr Challenge pits one of online poker’s biggest stars, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, against various competition in high stake poker matches.

Chris Moorman Sits High Atop Year End Poker Rankings

Moorman sits in fourth place in the 2009 Online Player of the Year rankings at Card Player Magazine.

Online Poker: Isildur1 Plans to File Complaint for Reimbursement

The mysterious online poker player Isildur1 has said he intends to file a complaint with Full Tilt Poker to receive reimbursement for monies lost during a poker game whereby the other party admitted to violating the rules.

Team PokerStars Online Announced

Online Poker Phenom Tom Durrrr Dwan Nets $300

Tom 'durrrr' Dwan emerged victorious as the biggest winner from last weekend's online action that netted him a total of $298,128, largely at the expense of DjAdi's and Cole South's bankrolls. Di 'Urindanger' Dang also had some lucrative sessions, according to the website

Full Tilt Poker Suspends Poker Pro Brian Townsend

In a much publicized case over this past week, Team Cardrunners poker pro Brian Townsend admitted to using hand histories for hands he didn’t play himself and, in the process, beating online poker phenom Isildur1 out of some $4 million.

Las Vegas Pro Wins Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Classic

Despite missing the entire first day of the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic, Daniel Alaei won the tournament Saturday at the Bellagio.

Annie Duke on Jeopardy

Poker pro and this past season’s Celebrity Apprentice finalist, Annie Duke, wasn’t a contestant on the popular game show Jeopardy, but she was a question.

Isildur1 to be Reimbursed $4 Mil?

Revelations that Team Cardrunners member Brian Hastings may have violated an online poker room’s rules could result in the reimbursement of $4 million to Web poker phenom Isildur1 according to a report at Crunch Poker.

Who is Online Poker Phenom Isildur1?

Everybody these days in the world of online poker is asking the question: Who is online poker phenom Isildur1?

Vanessa Rousso’s Poker Celebration for the New Year

On January 10, poker enthusiasts from around the globe will flock to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island to attend Rousso's, "Strategy Symposium Under the Sun," in hopes of learning winning strategies from a world class pro.

Tom Durrrr Dwan Refocuses During Tough Stretch

Poker is a mentally draining game, filled with peaks and valleys made sense through the use of the word "variance" as an adjective to describe the reasons behind the massive shifts. In the game, are euphoric moments mixed in with moments of terror and despair.

WPT Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond World Poker Classic

Bellagio Las Vegas
Doyle Brunson and two members of The Brunson 10 head into Day 3 with eyes on the prize in $4.7 million Las Vegas tournament

Isildur1 Taken for a $216K Ride by Cole South

One of the most popular poker players, Isildur1, whose real identity remains unknown, did not have one of his best outings on Monday.

Daniel Negreanu Calls Phil Hellmuth “Delusional”

Do we sense a feud between two of the biggest poker pros in the world, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth?

Vanessa Rousso Launches Poker Boot Camp

Poker icon Vanessa Rousso will kick off the new year 'island style,' making the Bahamas her first port of call as she launches her 2010 poker boot camp celebration. On January 10, poker enthusiasts from around the globe will flock to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island to attend Rousso's, "Strategy Symposium Under the Sun

Montel Williams Sued Over Online Poker Venture

Talk show host Montel Williams is being sued for alleged crooked dealing in an online poker venture.

Jenny Woo Interview with Poker Pro Eric Assadourian

I had the chance to sit with another PokerStars Team Australia player who made his mark in the poker world in 2007 when he won the High Rollers Event at APPT Macau.

Isildur1 Crushes Durrrr, Ziigmund and Townsend

Every once in a while, a person or event comes along and just dominates headlines. On these occasions, while some people may be weary of that particular subject, there is just no denying that it is newsworthy and must be treated as such.

Doyle Brunson Has Swine Flu!

Swine Flu
Poker icon Doyle Brunson has been stricken with Swine Flu….or at least he thinks so. But have no fear, the Texas Dolly is an enduring figure who won’t let a little Swine Flu get in the way of his poker play.

Does Anybody Really Care About the Durrrr Poker Challenge?

Once upon a time, it was the talk of the entire online poker community. About 10 months ago, online poker phenom, Tom "Durrrr" Dwan issued his million dollar challenge.

Wall Street Traders Go All In For Poker

As poker stars go, Burt Boutin isn't the best known. Still, the player nicknamed "Red Bull Burt" has won more than $2 million in World Series of Poker tournaments and has been a regular face on ESPN's featured tables.
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