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Online Poker: Brunson 10 Consistent Cashes

Doyle Brunson sure knows how to pick them. Each member of his team of elite pros, known as The Brunson 10, has earned the right to the legend-in-the-making title that's been bestowed upon them by Doyle Brunson and online poker experts. A look at their performances in 2009 alone reveals why the team, which is only half-full, is on track to become the best group of elite poker players at any online poker destination including Doyles Room.

Poker Blog of The Year

Among other things, 2009 was the year that professionl poker players embraced the web log or "blog," a kind of online diary.

Poker Pro Chris Moorman Enters 2010 Ranked #1

Chris Moorman Online Poker Player of The Year
Chris Moorman has a lot to defend in 2010. The pro for’s (see Doyles Room Online Poker site here) Brunson 10 was ranked #1 worldwide on’s list of online poker tournament players, an achievement that quantifies the unequaled respect he’s earned among the online poker community.

Online Poker Sensation Isildur1 Could Return

The online poker phenom known as Isildur1 had not played on the Web (at least not under this handle) since being drained of a few million during a high stakes poker game by a group that now admits to reviewing his poker hand history.

Poker Pro Justin Bonomo Bails

Poker Pro Justin Bonomo will no longer be part of Team Bodog it was announced this week. In its stable, the 6th smallest of the online poker networks with average weekly real cash players over 100 at any given time, now has just two poker pros representing it: David Williams and Evelyn Ng. Bodog Poker ranks 16th among all online poker networks in the world.

Online Poker: Biggest Losers of 2009

Online Poker:
It’s not exactly a category poker players want to find themselves stuck in but there were some pretty big online poker losers.

How The Poker Pros Rang in 2010

How did the biggest names in poker spend their New Year’s Eve 2010?

Poker Pro Gus Hansen Respite: Loses $5.3 Million in 2009

Dutch poker pro Gus Hansen has decided to take some time off after losing $5.3 million in 2009, the announcement made before Christmas.

Online Poker’s Big Winners: A Few 6 Figure Wins Won’t Hurt

Online Poker’s Big Winners has done an admirable job of keeping tabs on the most successful online poker players in 2009. Think playing online poker can’t result in a comfortable living? Think again folks.

Online Poker: Chris Moorman #1 in 2009

Chris Moorman Online Poker Player of The Year British poker player Chris Moorman (moorman1) has ranked the number one online poker tournament player for 2009 according to the Rankings.

A Church Built on Poker

Two weeks ago a story ran on how a New York City Police Department officer had won a substantial amount of money playing online poker. Last week, everyone was talking about a poker playing priest who is using his huge winnings to help rebuild the South Carolina church he presides over.

Luciaetta Ivey Could Ask For $40 Million From Poker Pro Husband

Following the breaking news on Tuesday that poker pro Phil Ivey and his wife Luciaetta were filing for divorce, the next question on everybody’s mind was “How much is she entitled to”, barring a prenuptial agreement.

Online Poker Player Takes Cereus By Storm

One thing readers are loving these days is news related to high stakes online poker players, many of whom are now more popular than their professional counterparts.

Isildur1 Breaks His Silence

Mysterious online high stakes poker player Isildur1 has finally broken his silence away from the virtual tables, speaking out about a situation which has sparked massive debates in poker circles around the globe.

Phil Ivey Divorces Wife

He's often fittingly referred to as "The Tiger Woods of Poker" and now Phil Ivey is filing for divorce from his wife as the new year approaches.

Tom Durrrr Dwan Nets $1.5 Million in December

Online poker phenom Tom Durrrr Dwan has gone up $1.5 million during the month of December after over 33,000 tracked hands according to

The Best of 2009: Most Popular Poker, Online Gambling Stories

2009 Best of Poker Online Gambling
You may see a few of these "Best of 2009 Poker and Online Gambling Stories" elsewhere, but has the real heavy hitters, those stories that scored huge traffic wins. Yes, these were truly the most popular industry-related stories based on real audience numbers, so enjoy the look back and a look behind the scenes at's traffic numbers on each subject matter.

Ban Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius from Online Poker?

Do Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius deserve to be banned from playing online poker?

Doyle-damus Daring Poker Predictions for the Year 2010

The Great Doyle-damus has made his poker predictions for the year 2010 and has them for you exclusively. Here they are:

Poker Pro Maria Ho: “Come and Eat This Truffle Stuffed Cookie”

Hot Asian poker babe Maria Ho is selling that delicious Truffle Stuffed Cookie this holiday season and anyone with a mouth, tongue and teeth can taste it (even Doyle Brunson).

Doyle Brunson: The World is Going to End in 2012

I’m always glad to see Christmas come and then glad to see it leave. It is a time for family holidays. Our family does an overkill on the gift giving. Our Christmas tree is overloaded with presents and even overflows our living room.

How Your Favorite Poker Pros Spent Their Christmas

What did your favorite poker pros do this Christmas? Let’s take a look.

Tom Durrrr Dwan Leads Durrrr Online Poker Challenge

It’s been widely publicized throughout 2009, The Durrrr Challenge pits one of online poker’s biggest stars, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, against various competition in high stake poker matches.

Chris Moorman Sits High Atop Year End Poker Rankings

Moorman sits in fourth place in the 2009 Online Player of the Year rankings at Card Player Magazine.

Online Poker: Isildur1 Plans to File Complaint for Reimbursement

The mysterious online poker player Isildur1 has said he intends to file a complaint with Full Tilt Poker to receive reimbursement for monies lost during a poker game whereby the other party admitted to violating the rules.
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