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America's Card Room - Sign Up Bonus & Current promotions:

America's Card Room is pleased to present CYCLONES on November 14th

Cyclones are blitz poker step satellites.  We’re launching them exclusively for people to get into the $6 million Venom tournament, but will expand into satellites for our other major tournaments as time goes on.

The unique selling points are:

  1. Rather than entering a satellite in which just the top players are rewarded a seat.  All the player has to do is reach 5,000 chips from his starting stack to either advance to the next step or win their seat (depending on what step they are on)
  2. Because it’s a blitz format (player pool).  Players can play at anytime and logoff, we’ll remember their chip stack for when they want to login an play again.
  3. If you get close to the 5,000 chips needed, you can pay the difference to get to the next step or your seat
  4. You can win more than one seat with one buy-in.  (if you finish a hand with 6,000 chips for example you’ll be awarded a ticket for the next step and reseated at the same step with the remaining 1,000)

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