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Poker Pros Seebok and Madsen Get Faces Tattooed

We see lots of interesting prop bets every year, but few are as interesting as the one that recently took place at the L.A. Poker Classic. The prop bet involved well-noted poker pros Joe Seebok, Gavin Smith, and Jeff Madsen.

Doyle Has Peace of Mind

I've been getting lots of phone calls asking about my health.

Tom Durrrr Dwan First Profitable Day in Some Time

Online poker player Tom Durrrr Dwan managed to finish in the money for the first time in over two weeks Thursday, beating out Brian Townsend and Cole South, to land successive wins of $244k and $299k respectively.

Single Online Poker Player Picks Off Two Bounties at

OUALALA earns $10,000 after eliminating two pros from pro bounty tournament at

Tatjana Pasalic Interview With Woo

Tatjana Pasalic hasn’t made her complete worldwide debut…yet but your very own Jenny can’t wait until she does. Tatjana has been in the Balkin local poker scene, here and there in the states as well as Europe, but I can’t wait to see this beauty go full-blown in the worldwide scene.

Tony Parker Signs With French Online Poker Site

The online poker world is welcoming it’s highest profile sports celebrity sponsor to its community. It was just announced that San Antonio Spurs point guard, Tony Parker, a two-time NBA champion has signed a deal with BetClic, a new, rising online poker site based in France.

Alex Kamberis Signs with Doyles's Brunson 10

alex kamberis
Doyle Brunson and management seal the deal with one of online poker's greatest players to run Super Satellite this Sunday

Super Satellites for another weekly $7,500 Irish Poker Open package run every Sunday through the end of March

Poker’s Sexiest Shana Hiatt: Durrrr a Dud, Antonius Mud

Okay folks so I would have thought the feedback for Tom Durrrr Dwan and Patrik Antonius as “Sexiest in Poker for 2010” would be much greater by now and both these fine looking men stand a serious chance of NOT making the cut. & Hooters Team Up for Poker Academy

Online poker players at invited to night of free wings, beer and poker.

Durrrr Drops $1 Million in One Session

Forwards and backwards, backwards and forwards. Just as a pendulum swings up and down, so do the poker bankrolls of the participants of the biggest online poker cash games online. Perhaps no one around is more equipped to deal with such “swinginess” as top player Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

Online Poker Player Ziigmund Wins $720K in Under 500 Hands

One of the leading online poker players, a gentleman who goes by the name of Ziigmund (real name Ilari Sahamies), managed to make a fast $720K in a high stakes poker match with Brian Hastings.

Isildur1 Quickly Loses $1 Million Online

No one inspires more action at the tables than Isildur1. Railbirds have watched him win and lose massive pots at a rate never been seen before either live or at the online poker tables at Full Tilt Poker.

Doyle Brunson: Most of These Kids On The Net Don’t Have a Clue

I’ve never sat around the house doing nothing constructive. Since the 1st of the year, I sit at my desk all day with no plans for travel or even looking for cash games. I work on projects that I’ve been postponing for years, play online at, read, watch TV and D....

David Benyamine Wins Premier League IV title

David Benyamine
David Benyamine has won the Party Poker Premier League IV title.

Isildur1 Storms Back, Profiting $1 Million Over 3 Days

The mysterious high stakes online player, Isildur1, came from out of nowhere in the latter stages of 2009 and turned the nosebleed games upside down with his ultra-aggressive poker style. From the first time he chipped up, he began appearing in headlines almost daily.

PokerStars Player Jayde Nicole Not a Hooker

Jayde Nicole has reported that 2008 Playmate of the Year and PokerStars poker player Jayde Nicole is being touted as a full service escort in Las Vegas who will come straight to your hotel room if the price is right.

Doyle Brunson Not a “Cheat”: Gets New Teeth

Little did I know when I chased a pop fly in a baseball game over a half a century ago what problems it would cause me. I ran into a steel post and broke two of my front teeth.

T.J. Cloutier Son Praises Cake Poker for Return of WSOP Bracelet

In a much publicized report that surfaced last month, T.J. Cloutier’s 2005 World Series of Poker bracelet had appeared on bid at the online auction website eBay much to the surprise of the poker community.

Cole South is Online Poker’s Biggest Winner This Year

No one can dispute the fact that Cole South is on a major heater, the kind most players can only dream about. The CardRunners pro has been absolutely dominating the nosebleed games at Full Tilt Poker since 2010 started and there are no signs that he will be letting up anytime soon.

Online Poker Phenom Tom Durrrr On Isildur1 and Losing

Tom Durrrr Dwan
One of online poker’s most notable players has lost plenty of money in recent months. His name is Tom Durrrr Dwan (known affectionately as just “Durrrr”). He discusses his losses and that new player on the block, Isildur1.

Tatjana Pasalic Sexiest Poker Player 2010

I’ve heard your call folks and in my last installment of “Sexiest Poker Players of 2010” featuring Erica Schoenberg, you told the Woomeister that Tatjana Pasalic should be nominated.

WSJ: Doyle Brunson, Wife Louise Best Pair in Poker

The face of talks marriage with Wall Street Journal just before Valentine's Day.

Patrik Antonius Wins $577K Super Bowl Sunday

Patrik Antonius
We are just a few weeks into 2010 and Patrik Antonius is already among the year's biggest losers. In fact, he's the second biggest loser according to Poker Listings, with only Brian Townsend having a worse year thus far.

Urindaner Has a Rough Weekend at Poker Tables

This past weekend saw the usual insane action at the nosebleed tables over on Full Tilt Poker. As all railbirds know, Full Tilt Poker is the place to go to see all kinds of crazy action. Nowhere else on the internet can someone sit down and watch hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands on the turn of a card.
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