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Premier Offers an Affordable Price Per Head Solution

The sports betting business is booming and every single week of the year millions of dollars exchange hands between bettors and bookmakers. With the latest industry advances in both technology and software, most of these betting transactions are conducted online.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Nov/12/2015

Live Betting for College Basketball the Premier Pay Per Head Way

Chances are if you have been an independent sports bookmaker for any length of time, you have come across a Pay Per Head service or two that looks great on paper, but fails miserably when it comes to actually meeting those expectations.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/10/2015

Pay Per Head Bookie Guide: How to Grow Your Player List with Live Wagering

Every online bookie is constantly looking for more players, and that's why you need to offer the best experience possible to stand out.

Live wagering isn’t exactly a new feature, but it has gotten more attention recently with the rise of mobile-friendly websites.

And why wouldn’t it with online bookies increasing their betting activity with the unique marketing opportunities it presents.  

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/09/2015

Premier Pay Per Head’s Live Betting for Every Game, Every Day

Variety is truly the spice of life and this statement has never been more true when it comes to betting on sports. Years ago sports bettors were content with betting on the NFL “Game of the Week” or any other major sporting event that was being broadcast on national TV. That is no longer the case in today’s era of mobile technology that can stream sporting events from around the globe on a continual daily basis. Click here for more information about Premier Price Per Head services.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/06/2015

Premier Pay Per Head Leads the Way in Live In-Game Betting

One of the main reasons why bettors love to wager on sports is the thrill of the action as the games themselves unfold. Millions of dollars hang on the outcome of one single pass in football, shot in basketball or hit in baseball and sports bettors just love going along for the ride. Click here for more information about Premier Pay Per Head.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/05/2015

Premier Price Per Head Makes it Easy to Pay for Our Services

Running a sports bookmaking company as an independent agent can be a very lucrative business venture as long as you have the right Pay Per Head service in your corner. All the day-to-day administrative tasks can really start to pile-up and you need a PPH service that is there to free up your time for the most important task; supporting and growing your overall customer base.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/03/2015

5 Ways your current per head site is costing you money

When using or looking for a per head site it is very important to ask questions about 5 main areas in their business model. If the per head site is doing something wrong in any of those areas, there is a very high probability that they will end up costing you money.

The 5 main questions are:

1) Do they have down time during game times?

2) Do they often put up bad lines or grade wagers incorrectly?

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/02/2015

State of the Art Price Per Head Bookie Software for NBA Bets

Many will be looking for the very best state of the art Price Per Head bookie software that offers bets on the NBA now that the new season has begun.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Nov/01/2015

Bookie Beat Down: The Temple Owls

The Temple Owls have lost only one time this season and Against The Spread they are 6-2 (4-1 ATS the five games leading up to Week 10).  Philadelphia area bookies have been reeling as a result of this performance.

And the Eagles are only helping a little with their 3-4 record Against The Spread.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Nov/01/2015

Bookie Beat Down: The Houston Cougars

The Houston Cougars continue to roll in the ACC West with an 8-0 record.  For the bookies, there is little relief when it comes to the spread with the Cougars 6-2 Against The Spread (ATS).

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Nov/01/2015

What is a Good Price Per Head for the US Presidential Race? is a good Price Per Head for taking bets on the U.S. Presidential race.

Odds offered include nominee for both the Republican and Democratic party and the candidate who will ultimately become the next U.S. President.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Nov/01/2015

Premier ‘Price Per Head’ offers Payment Options that Work for You

The Price Per Head industry for independent sports bookmakers continues to grow at an explosive rate right along with the explosion in popularity with sports betting in general.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Oct/30/2015

Pay Per Head Strategy of the Week: 5 Referral Ideas for Online Bookies

In a business like betting, referral ideas for bookies are the foundation for building your player list. 

Expanding on existing relationships and maintaining client trust is the main way to keep new bettors coming in, and the main responsibility even for an online bookie. 

If you want to keep attracting new players, you're going to need two things:

Submitted by Guest on, Oct/30/2015

Pay Per Head for the NBA

It’s that time of year ago.  Bookies and agents will be seeking out a solid Pay Per Head business for their NBA clients.

Look no further than

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Oct/30/2015

NC Bookies in Need of Pay Per Head Services With Clemson, Panthers

Bookies throughout North Carolina are being ravaged by two undefeated football teams: The Clemson Tigers and Carolina Panthers. As such there is a desperate need for the services of a Pay Per Head business.

Clemson has managed to go 7-0 Straight Up while easing some of the pain with a 4-3 record Against The Spread.  The Panthers are providing the dagger to the heart of local bookies with a 6-0 Straight Up record while covering in all but one.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Oct/27/2015

Why Your Price Per Head Platform Should Provide a Custom Website

Any experienced bookie is going to be looking to snag a deal on their price per head platform.

Submitted by Guest on, Oct/27/2015

Staying Ahead of the Game with Premier Pay Per Head

The simple act of betting on sports comes with a certain level of risk. Sure things do not exist and there will always be winners and losers once the games have been played. As an independent sports bookmaker, your job is to make your money in the middle by collecting a commission on the actual bets you book. If you do not have the right Pay Per Head service in your corner, the losses on your end can really start to pile up.

Submitted by Payton on, Oct/27/2015

Pay Per Head for the World Series

Most Pay Per Heads take World Series action.  If they don’t you need to switch services immediately.  

It’s the additional services provided that truly distinguish between the established success-driven PPH businesses and the so-called fly-by-nights.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Oct/25/2015

Bookies Worst Nightmare: Utes, Falcons, Panthers

Heading into this weekend’s football slate, bookies worried most about covers by the Utah Utes in College Football and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Oct/24/2015

Premier Pay Per Head Brings You All the Action You Want

As an independent sport bookmaker, it is entirely up to you what your betting board looks like when it comes to pointspreads, totals and moneylines as well as prop bets and futures.


However, are you always sure that your Pay Per Head service is delivering the fastest and sharpest lines in the sports betting industry today?

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Oct/23/2015

It Pays to Know who is Handling your PPH Customer Service

If you are an independent sports bookmaker working with a Pay Per Head service, you need to know the customer service team behind their operation.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Oct/22/2015

6 Ways Premier is the Pay Per Head Builds your Bottom Line

The main goal of any business is to build and grow a customer base that can provide a steady flow of cash as well as bottom-line profits both in the short term and over the long haul.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Oct/20/2015

Price Per Head Review of Industry Leading Platform

If you're an online bookie, selecting the right price per head platform can really enhance your business.

But how do you know which one is the best

Good bookie software helps you to spend less time dealing with tedious admin work and more time attracting players and keeping them betting

GREAT bookie software also gives you the tools to grow your business and keep bringing those numbers into the black.

You’re about to get a crash course run through in how to determine the goods from the greats.

Submitted by Guest on, Oct/19/2015

Pay Per Head Review of – Get a Free Bookie Website

Current Promo: Get our premium live wagering service for free for 2 weeks, SIGNUP HERE. Double or even triple your bookie profits by empowering players to bet throughout the entire duration of 900 events per month, in real-time, not just on commercial breaks! Offer expires Nov. 30th.


Submitted by Payton on, Oct/19/2015

Southern Mississippi Bookies Get Reprieve With Golden Eagles ATS Loss

Southern Mississippi finally failed to cover this week.  Bookies in this region have been scrambling to sign on with Pay Per Head establishments that help cut losses through live in-play wagering, propositions and online casino action. The online casinos in particular have been shown to ensure a larger percentage of money goes towards the house.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Oct/18/2015

McLennan County Bookies Getting Slaughtered as Gamblers Ride Baylor

Bookies in the McLennan County area, which includes the major city of Waco, have been getting beaten up badly by Baylor’s continued success this season.

The Bears remain undefeated and have only failed to cover a single game, and that was in Week 1 versus SMU.

Now ranked number two in the nation, Baylor decimated West Virginia over the weekend with a final score of 62-38.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Oct/18/2015

Premier Price Per Head Offers Reliability You Can Count On

Anyone who owns and runs their own business fully understands the concept of reliability when it comes to partnering with any outside service to help run certain aspects of the day-to-day operations.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Oct/16/2015

How to Use a Pay Per Head Bookie Website to Grow Your Player List

A custom website for bookies is like having a sales person who never sleeps, never goes offline, and is always ready to collect a new lead.


Submitted by Payton on, Oct/16/2015

Premier Per Head offers Payment Plans that Make things Easy

Running your own independent sport bookmaking business is hard enough as it is, so when it comes to working with your Pay Per Head service we like to make things easy.

Submitted by Matt Skinner on, Oct/15/2015

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