NHL Conference Standings & 3 Tools To Protect Sportsbook Profits

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C Costigan
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The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off on Wednesday, April 11. That’s not a lot of time for online bookies to get their sportsbooks ready for the vast amount of action the NHL Playoffs should generate.

There is an easy way to prepare for NHL Playoff betting, though.

All bookmakers must do is utilize the following 3 pay per head tools to ensure sportsbook profits.

Before getting into the 3 tools to use, check out the NHL Eastern Conference and NHL Western Conference Standings.

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Boston Bruins

2. Washington Capitals

3. Tampa Bay Lightning

4. Pittsburgh Penguins

5. Columbus Blue Jackets

6. Toronto Maple Leafs

Boston and Tampa Bay could switch top spots in their division. Washington and Pittsburgh could also switch spots in their division.

All four teams have a shot to win the Stanley Cup this season.

Western Conference Standings

1. Nashville Predators

2. Vegas Golden Knights

3. Winnipeg Jets

4. San Jose Sharks

5. Los Angeles Kings

6. Minnesota Wild

Nashville is the one team that the Eastern Conference powerhouses should be afraid of. The Predators beat the Lightning 4 to 1 just this past week. Nashville is for real. Vegas also appears to be for real.

The other 4 teams on this list, Winnipeg, San Jose, L.A., and Minnesota could have nice runs in the playoffs…or not.

3 Tools to Protect NHL Playoff Sportsbook Profits 

1. Use the mass editing tool to create max betting limits on all teams to win the Stanley Cup.

Pay per head agents shouldn’t play with fire. Using the mass editing tool to create max betting limits on every team with a shot to win the Stanley Cup makes sense.

Dogs can make a huge run in the Stanley Cup. It’s happened before although at the end a favorite usually wins the championship. Why take the chance, though?

2. Use the schedule limit override tool to encourage action on other NHL Stanley Cup Playoff games

Most online bookies should see action when Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Vegas and the L.A. Kings play.

Those are the most popular teams heading into the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bookies should create override limits to encourage action when other teams take the ice.

3. Create settle alerts before the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs start.

Creating settle alerts doesn’t mean that pay per head agents must collect or pay out before the NHL Playoffs start.

By creating settle alerts before the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs start, bookies can set up a flow for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

If a bettor has lost too much, the online bookie can collect before the player wishes to make more wagers on NHL Playoff games. 

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