AcePerHead Announces 50 Percent Summer Discount Promo

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Booking action is a 24 hours a day 365 days a year business with various sporting events to bet on each day. For North American bookies football season is by far the most popular sport for their players to wager on, but just because football is not being played right now doesnít mean there isnít plenty of sporting events to wager on.

This time a year actually has a ton of sports to bet on such as MLB, NBA and NHL playoffs, Golf and Tennis Majors, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League knock out stage games, and in June the 2018 World Cup. This is a great time to be booking action, and whether or not you are just starting up or looking to switch to a new site itís good to shop for the best promotions because the best bookie services offer very good promotions to join.

One pay per head site that not only has some of the sharpest lines around and great American English speaking customer service, also arguably has the best promotions available. AcePerHead.com has just unveiled their newest promotion for this Summer, which is their 50% discount promotion. Their price starts around $10 per player a week and there are two additional features such as the VIP live betting feature and Live Casino Dealer feature that are an extra $5 per player a week that uses it.

Ace Pay Per Head

So this means that if your players use everything the price would be $20, or if the players didnít use the additional features then it would be $10 per player a week. But with this 50% discount promotion that is applied to the first 5 weeks of using this service, the price can be as low as $5 per player a week. That leads to significant savings over the first 5 weeks, which enables agents to increase their weekly profits and increase their bankrolls.

A lot of people that just begin a business in taking action donít always have a ton of money to start with. This means a promotion such as this one will enable Agent beginners with less of a bankroll to start by paying 50% less in fees, which will help them to increase their profit margins. These extra savings will turn into extra profits, which will allow new agents to build their bankrolls and allow them to not just be a fly by night bookie but a long-term bookie.

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