Cross-Sport Parlays To Amp Up Profits For The NCAAB Weekend

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C Costigan
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Online bookies can make a lot of money promoting cross-sport parlays. The reason is because the bookie is in charge of whatever parlay she promotes.

Check out games to use in MLB, NBA, and the Final Four for cross-sport parlays that should amp profits.

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Cross-Sport Parlays:  Games to Use

The 2018 Final Four Semifinals takes place this Saturday. Then, the Final Four Championship takes place on Monday night.

Because the championship game takes place on Monday night, April 2, cross-sports parlay teams to use for March 31, April 1, and April 2 are below listed.

Saturday, March 31

NBA Games

Toronto at Boston

Golden State at Sacramento

The Toronto Raptors decimated the Boston Celtics by 20 points the last time these two teams played against each other. Will Toronto thump Boston by 20 on Saturday?

Who knows? This game should be difficult to handicap because Boston gets Toronto at home.

Golden State is a much better team than Sacramento. However, the Warriors aren’t great at covering spreads no matter in what venue they play.

This game should be a handicapping conundrum especially because the Warriors have some injuries.

MLB Games

New York Yankees at Toronto

Cleveland at Seattle

The Yankees start CC Sabathia. He pitches well against the Blue Jays. However, Blue Jays starter Marco Estrada pitches well against Yankee batters.

Yankees versus Jays should be a tough game to figure.

Cleveland has Carlos Carrasco heading to the mound. He’s definitely a good pitcher. Seattle counters Carrasco with James Paxton. Which pitcher gets it done on Saturday?

That’s what makes this game close to a must add to all cross-sport parlays.

2018 Final Four Semifinals

Loyola Chicago vs Michigan

Kansas vs Villanova

Offer one or both. Any sports bettor that claims she knows who covers the spread in either Final Four Semifinal really has no idea.

This is the Final Four. Anything can happen. Online bookie agents should remember that.

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Sunday, April 1

Utah at Minnesota

Milwaukee at Denver

Utah is one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Minnesota’s got a nice frontcourt led by Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. It’s going to be tough for sports bettors to know which way to go in this battle.

Milwaukee has the Greek Freak. But, the Bucks face Denver on the road on Sunday. This should be an ultra-competitive matchup. That means it will be a challenge for sports bettors.

MLB Games

New York Yankees at Toronto

St. Louis at New York Mets

San Francisco at L.A.  Dodgers

All three games have difficult to figure pitching matchups. The most difficult might be St. Louis at New York where the Cardinals’ Luke Weaver battles the Mets’ Steven Matz.

Monday, April 2

MLB Games

L.A. Dodgers at Arizona

Cleveland at L.A.Angels

Washington at Atlanta

Arizona, the Angels, and the Atlanta Braves haven’t listed their starting pitchers for Monday. No worries.

The reason to use these games is because the Dodgers start Hyun-Jin Ryu, Cleveland starts Mike Cleavinger, and Washington starts Tanner Roark. All three of those pitchers had trouble last season.

NCAA College Basketball Championship Game

We don’t know who’s playing. No matter what, adding this game should really pump up this 4-team cross-sport parlay.

Pay per head agents can’t offer a cross-sport parlay without the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship.

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