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When a local bookie takes a bet, he does not just offer a gambling service he is also selling himself. 

This is because the bookie is the company but today this is no longer the case because of internet betting. In order for a bookie to expand and keep his business he has to move with the time.  This means that he has to take his business online and offer more than just sports betting.  Our Guide to Opening an Online Sportsbook will teach you how to expand your bookie service.

A bookmaker must have the right tools in order to compete in the Online Sportsbook industry.  Thanks to our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software, you will now be able to compete with the big dogs.

In order to become rich, Warren Buffet said it best, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

This is what opening and Online Sportsbook will do for you.  Since everything is automated, your players will not need to call you to make a bet.  They can just go online and place a bet themselves.
What is the Best Sports Betting Software for Bookies

The Best Sports Betting Software for Bookies will provide a dynamic and robust bookie solution. This means that it will offer sports betting odds on all major sporting events in the world.  The more betting option a player has, the more that player will use your sportsbook.
Available Games and Betting Options

Live Dealer Casino ProductLive Betting Feature – Live In-Game wagering is no longer an extra feature for a sports betting software, instead it is a normal feature of the software. Live In-Game betting was a new feature 10 years ago. Today, it is a common place feature and is necessary to be a competitive sportsbook. This is because today’s gamblers do not want to be limited in how they place their bets.

Online Casino and Live Dealer Casino – The best gambling software will have an online and/or a live dealer casino attached to it.  Not every sports bettor plays casino games but the ones that do will add to your profit margin.

Racebook – Every player wants more betting options and horse betting is one of them.  You want software that has odds on all major horse racing track in the world.
The Best Gambling Software allows you to:
How to Manage Player Access for different Types of Games

Sports Betting Platform – As an online sportsbook, the wagering platform is the most important aspect of the sports betting website.  The betting platform should be easy to use, stable and well protected.

Reports and Data – A good sports betting software will let you get any type of reports that concern your sportsbook and your players.  For example, if you want to see detailed information about a player’s win/loss ratio.  Then you should be able to get it a detailed report for it and have several filtering options to the report.

Player Management – Being able to manage your players is the key to having good risk management protocols.  This is why complete control over your players is important in terms of games he can play and betting limits.
Advantages of using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software

Opening an online sportsbook can be fairly easy thanks to the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution.  This is because you only need a few minutes to get started and are inexpensive compared to buying a sportsbook software.

For example, when you use the PricePerlayer.com pay per head solution, it only takes a few seconds to get started.  As soon as you are done registering for an account, you get all of the tools to open you sportsbook.  This means you are provided with a website and a way to create and manage your players.

In addition, using a bookie pay per head service only costs $5 per active player every week.  Instead of spending a quarter of a million dollars for software, you only pay per players.  This is why it is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to open their own online sportsbook.

PricePerPlayer.com gives you the full sportsbook experience from the point of view of an owner and a player.  We offer sports betting on all major sports, live betting, a casino, live dealer casino and a racebook for only $5 per player.

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