Identifying A Sportsbook Scam VS a Premium Sportsbook Solution

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In the pay per head industry, there are scammers and legitimate pay per head companies. If an online bookie agent wishes to know which one she’s dealing with, it’s easy.

All the online bookie agent must look for are the type of pay per head tools that her per head company offers.

Sportsbook Scam VS a Premium Sportsbook Solution?

It’s All About the Tools!

A sportsbook scam won’t offer great tools that a pay per head agent can use to increase revenue and profit.

Even if a specific per head company offers a great betting interface, that doesn’t qualify that company as a premium sportsbook solution.

The reason is because great interfaces are a dime a dozen. The expectation is that a pay per head company offers a great sports betting interface.

That’s the very least a good pay per head company should do.

Sportsbook scams offer the interface without any pay per head tools that help their agents get ahead.

That’s the key for every online bookie. If the online bookie can’t profit from running a sportsbook, the online bookie should start a different business.

Great pay per head tools, from great pay per head companies, help bookies profit.

Some Great Tools Bookmakers Must Have to Compete

The sports betting industry is tough. Competitors are everywhere while individual bookmakers must contend with giant sportsbooks.

See below for some of the per head tools that bookmakers must acquire to compete.

Layoff account – Does your per head partner offer a layoff account where you can mitigate risk?

Line mover – Does your per head company offer access to a line mover where you can change betting lines based on your sportsbook, not Vegas sportsbooks?

Reports – Does your PPH partner offer various reports that you can utilize to increase action in your sportsbook?

Those are just three tools that pay per head agents must use to stay ahead of their competition.

A Few Words on Cost

Most everyone has heard these two sayings:  cost is relative and you get what you pay for.

Sportsbook scams that overcharge are obvious. But, what about pay per head companies that charge less for less tools?

Are they sportsbook scams?

They could be. The reason they could be sportsbook scams because if a bookie pays for something that has no value, they’ve gotten scammed no matter how much they paid for it.

Online bookie can always catch a premium sportsbook solution deal to help alleviate costs. These happen generally during big events, such as PayPerHead’s premium sportsbook solution deal happening for March Madness.

Agents can sign up for their Prime Package for 50% off the regular price.

If there’s no value in going with a cheaper per head company than the one that looks legitimate, the bookie has lost her money. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t worry so much about per head cost. Worry about tools. Worry about reports. Worry about the dashboard. Bookmakers must compete.

The only way to do it is by acquiring a premium sportsbook solution.

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