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Cryptocurrency in 2018: Which Will Dominate the Sportsbook Industry

Cryptocurrency in 2018: Which Will Dominate the Sportsbook Industry

Does your sportsbook software allow you to collect cryptocurrency? Do you know which ones you  should be using to attract more bettors? Find out which currency will dominate your online bookie business.

Submitted by Guest on, Apr/12/2018

Advice For Fledgling PPH Bookie Agents

Advice For Fledgling PPH Bookie Agents

Every business whether it is bookie business or any other business whether in the gaming industry or any other industry is tedious.

Submitted by Guest on, Sep/14/2017

Everything a Bookie Needs to Know, about Price Per Head Services

Everything a Bookie Needs to Know, about Price Per Head Services

Another college football season has opened its doors and the NFL week 1 schedule is a few days away.

Submitted by Guest on, Sep/05/2017 Fan Profile: Almost Out of Rabbits Premium Sports Handicapping Fan Profile: Almost Out of Rabbits Premium Sports Handicapping

Almost Out of Rabbits is the latest Twitter follower of

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/11/2017

Live Betting for College Basketball the Premier Pay Per Head Way

Chances are if you have been an independent sports bookmaker for any length of time, you have come across a Pay Per Head service or two that looks great on paper, but fails miserably when it comes to actually meeting those expectations.

Submitted by Payton on, Nov/10/2015

Premier Pay Per Head Safeguards all of Your Information

The online sports betting industry has exploded in the past decade with a proliferation of betting websites to handle all the action, but the simple fact that all of these transactions take place through the internet raises some serious concerns with just how safe and secure this wealth of information remains.

Submitted by Guest on, Sep/29/2015

​Premier Price Per Head Makes Things Easy

Running your own business in today’s fast-paced world without the right business tools is not an easy thing to do. When it comes to successfully running an independent sports bookmaking business without the right Pay Per Head service running things can quickly become just plain hard.

Submitted by Payton on, Sep/11/2015 Review gives you the software and administrative controls so you can successfully integrate Sportsbook, Casino, Live Dealer Casino and Racebook solutions. 

Submitted by Payton on, Aug/01/2015

Premier Per Head Review has become a leader in the Pay Per Head industry faster than most. This is because of their attention to detail and decades of experience on both sides of the business. Their "by bookies, for bookies" approach gives agents the piece of mind that their business will run smooth 24/7. Additionally, PremierPerHead offers American customer service as well as live in-game wagering for every game, every day. The guys over at Premier take your business seriously.

Submitted by Payton on, Jun/01/2015 Website Terms of Service

Revised and posted as of: August 7, 2013

Welcome to

Submitted by Payton on, Aug/06/2013

Copyright Notice

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Submitted by Payton on, Aug/06/2013

Bwin.Party Revenues Fall to Lowest in Three Years

Bwin.Party quarterly revenues have fallen to their lowest in three years. 

Chief executive Norbert Teufelberger said revenues were unlikely to start improving until the second half of the year, but was confident the group would hit targets outlined in March.

“We guided the market that we expected revenues will decline this year by up to 10 per cent versus 2012,” he said. “Despite the first quarter revenue performance, we remain comfortable with our guidance,” he added.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, May/21/2013 Breaks All Time Traffic Record With 2013 Kentucky Derby

A little rain Saturday helped guarantee record traffic numbers to the website for our extensive Kentucky Derby betting coverage. 


Submitted by Don Shapiro on, May/05/2013 Marketing – WSEX, Legends and NBA Playoffs Center Stage

Saturday’s traffic numbers typically feature more of a lean towards sports.  Even with the NBA Playoffs kicking off Saturday, there was still a substantial audience for gambling news outside of the sports betting realm, much of this due to breaking news regarding World Sports Exchange’s closure and continuing coverage of Legends Sports legal issues.

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/20/2013 Marketing: NBA Betting Search Picks Up Steam

While poker and gambling news dominated Thursday’s readership traffic at, the NBA Playoffs are fast approaching and G911 is revving up its coverage with some decent results already starting to trickle in. 

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Submitted by Payton on, Apr/18/2013 Marketing: Bitar, Bitcoins and Legends Continue to Dominate continued to receive plenty of readership traffic April 15 for the latest news on Full Tilt Poker former head Ray Bitar, updates on last week’s Legends Sports bust in the United States and our extensive coverage on Bitcoin’s crazy rollercoaster ride.

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Submitted by Payton on, Apr/15/2013 Marketing: Reddit, Bitcoin, Sports Betting Bust Give Traffic Boost

As regular readers might imagine, this week’s news regarding the indictment against Legends Sports and related sports betting busts have resulted in some significant traffic for the site. first broke these stories on Wednesday.  Additionally, tons of traffic has been coming in from social media behemoth for articles related to both Bitcoin and Morgan Stanley’s forecast for online gambling. 

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/13/2013 Marketing: A Glimpse at Readership Demographics April 9 routinely pulls up random samplings of traffic stats to get a better feel for who is reading the site and what they are searching for.  G911 covers the entire gamut of gambling, everything from odds on sports events to poker tournaments to the latest casino games to casino stocks to entertainment and political wagering odds.   This traffic sampling covers the early evening hours of Tuesday April 9, 2013 (US Eastern Standard Time). 

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/09/2013 Marketing: College Basketball Winds Down, Masters enjoyed great success with the 2013 NCAA Tournament, ranking well in search right up to the Final.  Case in point, we ranked number 4 on Google for “2013 NCAA Championship Point Spread: Michigan vs. Louisville” but still received tons of traffic. 

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Submitted by Payton on, Apr/08/2013

Online Gambling Affiliates in the US: Preparation, Adapting Will be Key

There is an excellent report by John Mehaffey of on the legal landscape of online gambling in the US and how current affiliates with 10 plus years of experience may or may not be able to gain access.  This, we at believe, is a must read, especially in the wake of

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/03/2013 Marketing: Madness, Poker Tournaments and Horses

With the March Madness Sweet 16 and Elite 8 concluded, has seen some more exceptional search results.   For industry professionals, be sure to check out our Marketing section regularly here and if you wish to contact us, please do so here.  We are available 24/7.

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/01/2013 Marketing: March Madness Mad Success

For the team here at, March Madness represents an exhaustive period of producing mostly in-house content for nearly all 34 games played the first week of the big Men’s NCAA Tournament.   

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Getting ranked in search is of course key to driving traffic. 

Submitted by Payton on, Mar/24/2013 Marketing: March Madness Gets Off to Solid Start

It is one of the most pivotal betting periods of the year with March Madness tipping off Thursday.  Leading up to Thursday’s first set of games, there was certainly plenty of traffic coming to the G911 site via search.

The most trafficked NCAA Tournament articles for Thursday were:

“NCAA Tournament Betting Lines: Bucknell-Butler, Oregon-Oklahoma State”

“College Basketball Lines – NCAA Tournament: Southern vs. Gonzaga”

“Akron vs. VCU Line at -7: Virginia Commonwealth 11-1 ATS in Tournaments”

Submitted by Payton on, Mar/21/2013

IGT’s Best Talent Have Been Jumping Ship: Endorse Ader Move

With the turmoil at IGT, some of that company’s best talent have decided to walk away.


Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Feb/21/2013

The Florida Gators vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Saturation


Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/29/2010 Facebook Exclusives


Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/29/2010

A Focus On Division Futures


The various teams have their loyal followers even when times are tough.  But when things are good, the “capture” potential becomes even greater.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/29/2010 Trending Report June 21, 2010

Hot trending topics over the past weekend at included everything Joran van der Sloot and surprisingly little in regard to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Yes, World Cup traffic was okay

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Jun/21/2010 Trending Monday June 14, 2010

Jenny Woo here with your Trending Report for Monday June 14, 2010, which covers the past weekend traffic.  As always you can follow us on  Get all the latest news updates and find out what stories are trending on  Get upcoming story alerts as well.  We have a number of announcements up now.  Don't miss them.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/14/2010 Trending Report for June 11, 2010

For those of you following our Facebook page, you probably know th

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Jun/10/2010

Breaking News

Regulators Call for Law Change to Make Chicago Casino Viable

Regulators Call for Law Change to Make Chicago Casino Viable

The Illinois Gaming Board is calling on lawmakers to change state law to make a Chicago casino viable.

Draftkings Sportsbook News

Here you will find all the most recent news pertaining to Draftkings Sportsbook.  The company initially began as an operator of daily fantasy sports and still is successful in that space.  Draftkings and Fanduel together own better than 70% of the sports betting market share in New Jersey.

US State Department Confirms Body of 5Dimes Owner Sean Creighton Found

Monday evening, sports betting reporter David Payne Purdum received official notice from the US State Department that the remains of Sean "Tony" Creighton of San Pedro, Costa Rica-based 5Dimes have been discovered.