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Gambling911.com enjoyed great success with the 2013 NCAA Tournament, ranking well in search right up to the Final.  Case in point, we ranked number 4 on Google for “2013 NCAA Championship Point Spread: Michigan vs. Louisville” but still received tons of traffic. 

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Terms such as “Louisville vs Michigan state 2013 free picks”, “NCAA Championship 2013 betting line” and even “Michigan vs. Louisville 2013” all had Gambling911.com ranking well right up to the start of the championship game.  Nearly half of Gambling911.com’s traffic the hours leading up to Monday night’s game was related to the Championship and the wagering on it. 

The NIT Tournament also delivered substantial traffic to the site especially with one of the BYU posting forums picking up an article authored by Gambling911.com Senior Reporter Carrie Stroup. 

The Masters – This is always an event that brings solid traffic to G911 and we were thrilled to appear atop Bing for the article “The Masters 2013 Betting Odds: Tiger Woods 3-1 Favorite”.  Bing News had us up top of search for “Masters Odds” but that won’t last due to the competition.  Search traffic was high for a period.  We were ranking 7th in Google at the time of this publication.  Gambling911.com will be covering The Masters extensively leading up to this event.  

Twitter – It’s interesting to note that during peak afternoon traffic periods on Gambling911.com when our Twitter feed is most active, the social media outlet will occasionally deliver 10 percent of G911’s traffic BUT…and this is a big BUT…much of that traffic is industry-oriented. 

We did have a surge in traffic off Twitter Sunday from an article on BetRevolution.com, an online sportsbook that refused to pay two players, accusing them of being part of a betting syndicate.  Twitter is an interesting animal and Gambling911.com is always looking to refine our social media efforts.


Worldwide Traffic – Overall, Gambling911.com traffic tends to be 45 percent non-US, something that surprises many in the industry. 

Event traffic, however, changes these percentages dramatically.  Case in point is indeed Monday night’s Championship game with hundreds of searches coming in from the USA the hour leading up to this pivotal event.  Traffic outside the US only made up 10 percent of G911’s audience.  We actually went into some of the other country traffic stats and, remarkably, some of these were searches related to betting on the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.  Who would have thunk it?


Fantasy and Free Picks – Readers will notice a lot more Fantasy Sports coverage and betting previews/free picks for upcoming games then ever before and this will continue to increase.  We now offer a new column called “Betting (XYZ) – The Hot Sheet”.  The (XZY) would include the sport covered (i.e. Baseball).  These articles are geared more towards retaining sports bettors with broader information than a single game preview will provide, however, there has been some good SEO by default. 

More Poker Tournament Coverage – Gambling911.com performs well in search for all the major worldwide poker tournaments and we will continue our commitment to providing all the latest relevant updates on this front. 

“Final Table of WSOP Asia Pacific” – We ranked number 4 in Google. *rankings do vary per country

“2013 World Poker Tour Barcelona” – We ranked a dismal number 10.


Poker News – Gambling911.com enjoys solid rankings in search for important poker news.

G911 ranked number 3 in Google for the term “Bet, Raise Fold Film” and number 1 for “Bet, Raise, Fold – The Story of Online Poker Film” (number 2 without the word “film”) for our feature on the upcoming documentary delving into the world of online poker.  We’ll be covering this film extensively leading up to the June release.  It does look very promising.  A deleted scene called “Phil Ivey is God” ranked number 5 in Google for one related G911 article published on Monday. 

As alluded to earlier, there has been some good Twitter-fed traffic for G911 article related to US online gambling legalization, especially where it applies to the Tribes interest regarding this matter. 

- Payton O’Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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