Gambling911.com Marketing – WSEX, Legends and NBA Playoffs Center Stage

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Gambling911.com Marketing – WSEX, Legends and NBA Playoffs Center Stage

Saturday’s traffic numbers typically feature more of a lean towards sports.  Even with the NBA Playoffs kicking off Saturday, there was still a substantial audience for gambling news outside of the sports betting realm, much of this due to breaking news regarding World Sports Exchange’s closure and continuing coverage of Legends Sports legal issues.

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The NBA was seeing good traffic numbers.  From our random sampling of 100 readers Saturday afternoon, NBA Playoffs betting traffic made up 17 percent of overall readership.  Gambling911.com ranked well for most betting related team vs. team NBA Playoffs search inquiries.  We will have a breakdown of this in an upcoming article. 

We had a few horse races Saturday afternoon that were enjoying top rankings on search for Gambling911.com (i.e. “Illinois Derby 2013 Odds” was number two in Google).  8 percent of Gambling911.com’s mid-afternoon Saturday traffic was for horse racing.

Baseball betting traffic has proven especially disappointing, making up only 3 percent of G911 traffic.

5 percent of the sample 100 readers taken visited both sports betting and gambling news content.

News of Lock Poker offering its own online tournament schedule was capturing 10 percent of G911’s overall traffic.


Segments Breakdown:  (note that there is some overlapping where a reader may be visiting poker, gambling, and sports related content during a single visit):

Sports Betting – 29 percent

Sports Betting on NBA – 17 percent

Sports Betting on Horses – 8 percent

Sports Betting on Baseball – 3 percent

Poker – 31 percent

Gambling Related (excluding sports betting and poker exclusive visits) – 31 percent

Gambling News – Legends Sports Indictments – 17 percent

Gambling News – World Sports Exchange Closure – 7 percent

Gambling News (Overall) – 95 percent

Direct Bookmarks – 14 percent

Other – 5 percent

- Payton O’Brien, Gambling911.com

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