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Mar/24/2013 Marketing:  March Madness SEO Success 2nd, 3rd Rounds

For the team here at, March Madness represents an exhaustive period of producing mostly in-house content for nearly all 34 games played the first week of the big Men’s NCAA Tournament.   

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Getting ranked in search is of course key to driving traffic. betting-related articles tend to be unique in that they offer a few key stats, some of which have enjoyed great success in this year’s tournament (Florida Gulf Coast was 12-1 Against The Spread overall coming into Sunday’s dismantling of San Diego State).  We’ve also inform readers regarding the amount of public action on both sides of the spread.  

There were loads of searches for games plus betting terms leading to the Gambling911 website.  G911, due to its extensive March Madness coverage, did rank high for some team vs. team generic results without any betting-related key terms, however, it is our experience that such search inquiries tend not to come from those looking to bet the games.  Obviously, when someone searches “Team X vs. Team Y Betting Line” these are folks who are inclined to place wagers and this is’s target audience.  Leading up to games, typically 3 out of every 5 searches to the G911 website were College Basketball-related. 

Below we list how Gambling911 ranked for each article (using a number of variations in gambling-specific terms). 

*US-based searches


NCAA Tournament Betting Odds 2013: Mississippi vs. Wisconsin

2 (Google), 9 (Yahoo for “NCAA Tournament Betting Odds 2013”)

South Dakota State vs. Michigan Betting Line: Underdog Sees Heavy Action

1 (Yahoo), 6 (Google)

Missouri vs. Colorado State Betting Line

1 (Yahoo), 7 (Google)

2013 NCAA Tournament Predictions – First Four (Video)

7 (Yahoo)

Valparaiso vs. Michigan State Betting Line at Spartans -10.5: Even Action

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Davidson vs. Marquette Betting Line

2 (Yahoo), 3 (Google)

NCAA Tournament Betting Lines: Bucknell-Butler, Oregon-Oklahoma State

5 (Yahoo for “NCAA Tournament Betting Lines”), 1 (Yahoo both games), 1 (Google – both games)

College Basketball Lines – NCAA Tournament: Southern vs. Gonzaga


4 (Yahoo – “College Basketball Lines NCAA Tournament”), 1 (Yahoo – “Southern vs. Gonzaga Betting Line”), 1 (G – “Southern vs. Gonzaga Betting Line”)

North Carolina A&T vs. Liberty Betting Line: First Four

1 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

Belmont vs. Arizona Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Western Kentucky vs. Kansas Betting Line at -20

2 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Wichita State vs. Pittsburgh Line at Panthers -4.5: Balanced Spread Action

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

James Madison vs. LIU Brooklyn Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

New Mexico State–Saint Louis Point Spread: 70 Percent Back Billikens

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Akron vs. VCU Line at -7

1 (Yahoo), 1 (Google)

St. Mary’s vs. Memphis Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Southern vs. Gonzaga Point Spread at Bulldogs -22.5

2 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

North Carolina A&T vs. Louisville Betting Line -26.5: Balanced Action

1 (Yahoo), 2 (Google)

Denver vs. Maryland Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Harvard vs. New Mexico Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Sports Betting Lines College Basketball: Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin


5 (Yahoo – “Sports Betting Lines College Basketball”), 1 (Yahoo – “Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin Betting Line”, “Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin Spread”, etc..), 8 (Google – “Sports Betting Lines College Basketball”), 1 (Google for “Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin Betting Line:”),

Pacific-Miami Betting Line: 68 Percent of Spread Bets on Hurricanes

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Temple vs. NC State Betting Line: Over 149 has Value

1 (Yahoo), 2 (Google)

Cincinnati vs. Creighton Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

James Madison vs. Indiana Betting Line has Hoosiers as -21 Favorite

1 (Google), 1 (Bing)

Harvard Crimson Odds to Win NCAA Tournament Was 75-1 Before Shock Upset

1 (Google)

Colorado vs. Illinois Betting Line: 63 Percent of Public Backing Buffaloes

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Harvard vs. Arizona Betting Line at Crimson +10: NCAA Tournament 3rd Round

2 (Google), 3 (Yahoo)

Florida Gulf Coast vs. Georgetown Betting Line at Hoyas -14

2 (Yahoo), 8 (Google) – Interesting footnote here: Despite the low ranking in Google, we were getting some of the highest level of searches for this game.

Iona vs. Ohio State Betting Line at -14.5

1 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

Villanova-North Carolina Betting Line at -4.5

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Northwestern St. vs. Florida Betting Line: Gators 70 Percent Spread Action

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Arizona State-Baylor Line at -9

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Oklahoma vs. San Diego State Betting Line

1 (Google), 3 (Yahoo)

Iowa State vs. Notre Dame Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Minnesota vs. UCLA Betting Line at Golden Gophers -3.5

1 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

VCU vs. Michigan Betting Line at Wolverines

1 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

Memphis vs. Michigan State Betting Line: Spartans Get 76 Percent Backing

1 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

Colorado State vs. Louisville Betting Line at -10.5: Tons of Cardinals Stats

2 (Google), 3 (Yahoo)

Butler vs. Marquette Betting Line at -2.5 With Bulldogs Getting 70 Percent Action

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Oregon vs. Saint Louis Spread at -3.5

1 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

Harvard Arizona Spread at Wildcats -10.5

1 (Yahoo), Not Ranked (Google)

Wichita State vs. Gonzaga Betting Line

1 (Yahoo), Not Ranked (Google)

California vs. Syracuse Betting Line

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Creighton vs. Duke Betting Line: Blue Devils Getting 83 Percent of Action

2 (Google), 2 (Yahoo)

Illinois vs. Miami Betting Line: Hurricanes See Close to 90 Percent Backing

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

Iowa State vs. Ohio State Betting Line: Dog Getting Heavy Backing

1 (Yahoo), 8 (Google)

Temple vs. Indiana Betting Line at Hoosiers -11.5

1 (Google), 1 (Yahoo)

North Carolina vs. Kansas Point Spread at -6.5

2 (Google), 4 (Yahoo)

Florida Gulf Coast vs. San Diego State Betting Line

1 (Yahoo), 2 (Google)

Florida Gulf Coast Odds to Win NCAA Championship

2 (Yahoo)

Sites we find do especially well targeting similar terms are,, and 

- Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor

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