American Idol Betting Odds (Updated April 5, 2009)

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Anna Lexington
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American Idol

The latest American Idol betting odds have been released and Adam Lambert remains the near even favorite.  Last week, had Lambert at even odds.  This week he would pay $1.35 for every $1.00 bet. 

Danny Gokey continued to be listed with the next shortest odds, this week +225 for a payout potential of $2.25 on every $1.00 bet.

In the oddsmakers eyes, there is a rather large gap between Lambert and Gokey and the next likely to become this year's American Idol.  Kris Allen had +750 odds for a payout potential of $7.50 on every $1.00 bet.

"There is value with these odds," says Payton O'Brien, Matriarch of the world leader in American Idol betting odds news.  "Adam Lambert is popular with the ladies and he's original, but he's far from that pristine image mainstream America has of its next Idol.  Gokey is no lock to fill the void if Lambert gets the boot."

Lil Rounds is the favorite woman to win but her odds are especially long at +850 for a payout potential of $8.50 with every $1.00 bet.

Allison Iraheta had odds of +1200.  Matt Giraud had odds of +1400.  Anoop Desai would pay out $500 for every $10 bet.  Scott MacIntyre would pay $750 for every $10 bet.

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