Jenny Woo Talks American Idol Final Odds With Don Best

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Jordan Bach
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American Idol Odds

Lauren Alaina and Scott McCreery will be competing in this week’s American Idol final.’s own Jenny Woo discussed the show prior to this past week’s elimination to determine which two Idols would make it to the final.  (watch video here)

Scotty came into Wednesday’s competition as a 1/3 favorite.  Lauren was a bit of a long shot with 4/1 odds with Haley expected to move to the final.

"It's been a crazy ride for me, and I've just taken in every moment," McCreery, 17, said during a hometown celebrate in Garner Saturday.

"We have very few minutes to just sit back, chill and relax, because we're constantly working. But when we do, we always kind of pinch ourselves, 'Is this really happening?'"

This week, Scotty remained at 1/3 odds while Lauren would pay $20 for every $10 bet at

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