American Idol Final Odds – Season 10

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American Idol Final Odds – Season 10

American Idol Final odds for Season 10 had Scotty McCreery listed at 1/3 as the favorite.  Haley Reinhart came in with 5/2 odds while Lauren Alaina was listed at 4/1.  All odds were courtesy of with American Idol bets typically featuring a maximum of $100 to $250 across the board.  Minimum bets are generally $5 to $10 depending on the online gambling website. 

Why is Scotty McCreery likely to win American Idol Season 10?

Leave it to a Ph.D. at Huffington Post to provide us with an answer.  Scott Barry Kaufman noted that some of the more talented of this year’s Idols were “too strong, too early” (James Durbin being one).

But in the final count, I predict Scotty McCreery will win American Idol. Scotty ticks the most boxes in this regard (many of the same boxes the winners of the last two seasons have ticked -- shoot, what were their names again?): Scotty sings a popular genre (country music), Scotty is talented but non-threatening, Scotty is likeable, Scotty is dreamy, Scotty is religious, Scotty is down-to-earth, Scotty is normal (he doesn't have -- god forbid -- a weird tick or Asperger's like James Durbin had! Because remember, voters don't like people who are different on this show), Scotty is confident, and Scotty has a nice smile.

McCreery comes with a higher risk vs. reward ratio for those looking to place a bet on the show.  One would have to wager $30 to win $10 (with the $30 refunded only if he wins).

Reinhart and Alaina both offer more lucrative payouts.  In the case of Laura Alaina, a $10 bet would pay out $40.

These odds were as of Monday May 16, 2011.

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