American Idol Final Odds

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Jordan Bach
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American Idol Final odds for the May 25, 2011 show had Scotty McCreery as the odds-on favorite while Lauren Alaina would pay out $30 on a $10 bet at

Scotty McCreery is widely anticipated to win, however, stranger things have happened, especially as it relates to Idol.

McCreery was not a favorite coming into this season. 


American Idol Final odds on Scotty McCreery: – 1/5  - 1/5-

Bookmaker – 1/9


While the Bookmaker odds on McCreery winning are far less desirable than the other two books offering American Idol prices, we should note that Bookmaker would pay out $50 on a $10 bet for Lauren.

McCreery’s odds have jumped two points over the past 48 hours.

- Jordan Bach,

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