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Gaming News Network Looks To Become CNN Of Gambling

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Nov/01/2010

Poker Comedy “Whales” Coming to Showtime

From the creators of Showtime’s hit comedy “Weeds” comes a new show “in the works” called “Whales”, a comedy centered on the world of poker. 

Submitted by Ace King on, Oct/11/2010

Jersey Shore Playboy, Playgirl Odds Posted

Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/29/2010

ESPN 2010 World Series of Poker Ratings Down Over Last Year


Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/07/2010

Snooki Outwitted By Underwater Pussy


Submitted by C Costigan on, Aug/14/2010

Poker After Dark Meets The Bachelors In Lonesome Shark Week


A bunch of the poker world’s hottest bachelors are set to play during the next segment of NBC’s Poker After Dark.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Aug/09/2010

Obama Clueless…. About Mel Gibson, Snooki


Apparently US President Barack Obama has little time to keep up with pop culture news.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/29/2010

Celebrity Rehab 4: Rachel Uchitel and Jeremy London Carjack Crack Shocker

The upcoming Celebrity Rehab 4 promises to be one of the most watched yet thanks to the unconventional casting.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/20/2010

Heeeeer’s John-ny: Disgraced Eliot Spitzer Gets CNN Gig

CNN looking to boost ratings with controversial show co-host, Eliot Spitzer

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Jun/26/2010

Pawn Stars Among the Biggest New Vegas Attractions

Ever since's Thomas Somach wrote about the series back in January, Pawn Stars has consistently ranked

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Jun/21/2010

Lebron James Larry King Interview: Latest Odds

Lebron James appearance on CNN's Larry King Live Friday night is expected to generate renewed interest in betting on which team he will end up playing for next season. 

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Jun/04/2010

Pawn Stars Continues to Trend Heavy trending had Pawn Stars going off the charts Sunday.

"The Thomas Somach penned article entitled ‘Pawn Stars Vegas Reality Star a Real Convict' is the most read of the year so far," acknowledged Senior Editor Payton O'Brien.  "This should give some sense as to how popular the show is."

Submitted by C Costigan on, May/31/2010

Lost Finale Odds Still Available

Yes, you can bet on the final episode of ABC's Lost tonight. was offering the odds as follows:

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/23/2010

Bret Michaels Set to Appear on Celebrity Apprentice Finale

Despite suffering a mild stroke this past week, Bret Michaels still intended to appear on Sunday night's installment of the Celebrity Apprentice Finale. 

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/23/2010

Poker2Nite Not Being Renewed for a 3rd Season

Season one started off sluggishly as the hosts struggled to find their feet and comfort levels. Season two was a marked improvement from the first.

Submitted by Guest on, May/22/2010

National Heads Up Poker Championship Season Finale

The season finale for the 6th Annual National Heads-Up Poker Championship presented by is this Sunday, May 23 Noon - 3PM ET/9:00-Noon AM PT on NBC.

Submitted by Guest on, May/21/2010

Lost Finale: Odds Offered Online

The Lost finale will be broadcast this coming Sunday and, the oldest established online gambling site catering to North American bettors,

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/20/2010

Eliot Spitzer to Replace Campbell Brown on CNN?

A one time ferocious opponent of the online gambling industry, Eliot Spitzer, is being considered as host of a new debate show like "Crossfire" to replace anchor Campbell Brown's 8 pm EST

Submitted by C Costigan on, May/19/2010

Bret Michaels in Celebrity Apprentice Finale

Bret Michaels has vowed to be present at the Celebrity Apprentice Finale on May 23 and Sunday night we learned he was one of the two finalists.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/16/2010

Miss Michigan Wins Miss USA After Tripping

Despite tripping over her own gown, Miss Michigan Rima Fakih managed to win the Miss USA 2010 pageant. 

On Twitter, one person tweeted:

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/16/2010

Miss USA Pageant Odds (Updated)

Miss USA Pageant odds have been updated coming into Sunday night's airing of the famed event.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/16/2010

Joe Sebok Gets Hot and Sweaty With Sarah Underwood's Poker2Nite returned last night at 11pm EDT on VERSUS with talk of Phil Ivey's star status in the game, and Jason Mercier's take on the Big Game.

Submitted by Guest on, May/14/2010

Miss District of Columbia Still Would Pay $50,000

Odds released on Miss District of Columbia, MacKenzie Green, made her the biggest long shot ever at with

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/12/2010

Miss USA: Betting Could Be Hot

It's no secret to readers that the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe is one of the most wagered on entertainment events.  Miss USA has never enjoyed the same sort of attention...tha

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/12/2010

Miss USA 2010 Lingerie Controversy Heats Up

This year's Miss USA beauty pageant is getting a lot of heat for exposing the contestants (and viewers) to a sexy lingerie photo shoot that replaces the typical ball gown outfits of years past.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/12/2010

2010 Miss USA Pageant Odds Available at

A number of online gambling sites appear to be offering 2010 Miss USA Pageant odds coming into next weekend's broadcast including

Submitted by Guest on, May/10/2010

Pawn Stars: Will Gold and Silver Pawn Become Golden Goose?'s Thomas Somach follows up with his incredibly popular article related to the "Pawn Stars"

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, May/10/2010

Underbelly in 3D: Crime Show Looks to Take Things Up a Notch

Underbelly is still super popular with national audiences, advertisers - sponsors and Gambling911 readers, despite getting killed (donut award - nil) at the Logies held at James Packer's Crown Casi

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, May/04/2010

Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke on Good Morning America

The online poker site that's famous for its Raise, Stack, Own tagline is continuing to own the airwaves.

Submitted by Guest on, May/04/2010

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Robbery Suspect Shot to Death Outside Notorious Poker Room

Robbery Suspect Shot to Death Outside Notorious Poker Room

This is hardly the first time Legends Poker Room has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Early Spreads on the 2022 College Football Season Weeks 0 and 1

Early Spreads on the 2022 College Football Season Weeks 0 and 1

We are exactly three months and eight days away from the kickoff of the 2022 college football season as of May 19.

Man in Japan gambles COVID Town Funds Mistakenly Sent to Him

The money was supposed to be COVID-19 assistance for low-income households in a small Japanese town, but it was mistakenly wired to a bank account of a resident who refused to return it and spent most of it on online gambling, police said.