Celebrity Rehab 4: Rachel Uchitel and Jeremy London Carjack Crack Shocker

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Rachel Uchitel

The upcoming Celebrity Rehab 4 promises to be one of the most watched yet thanks to the unconventional casting.

Heading up the celebs is none other than Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods supposed “first” mistress.

Donald Trump reportedly fired Uchitel from Celebrity Apprentice even before she appeared on the show upon learning she would be participating in the Celebrity Rehab 4 reality series.

“We no longer have interest in Rachel,” the Trump camp said in a written statement. “Rachel Uchitel very much wanted to be on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ She asked us, we did not ask her.”

Money may have been the issue.  She will be paid handsomely for her appearance on the show:  A whopping $500,000 to be more precise.

There are conflicting reports that Uchitel is entering Celebrity Rehab 4 to cure her “love addiction”, though TMZ.com claims there are prescription pills involved. 

Gambling911.com has made Uchitel the even odds favorite to win Celebrity Rehab 4.

Perpetual drug user Leif Garrett has to be the biggest long shot of winning.  We’ll put odds of 20/1 on him. 

Janice Dickinson’s alcohol addiction will be addressed.  She gets 3/1 odds of winning. She claimed to fall down a flight of stairs after mixing sleeping pills with champagne.  If that accident won’t cure one of their drug addiction, we’re not sure Celebrity Rehab 4 will exactly do the trick.

Then there is Jeremy London and his bizarre story of being carjacked and forced to do crack by his kidnappers.  Police actually arrested a suspect in this case.  He is at 2/1 odds.

The Hills star Jason Wahler will be appearing.  He has racked up a number of DUIs and arrests, including one last month for punching a girl.  He’s at 12/1 odds of winning Celebrity Rehab 4.

Frankie Lons is the mother of recording artist Keyshia Cole and just landed her own BET series. 

Lons says:  “I had really started overdoing it with my drinking. It’s really taking its toll because sometimes I wake up and don’t remember nothing. Basically I’m hiding stuff from myself and that means that I need help,” she said, adding that her drink of choice is Hennessy. As for when she knew she needed rehab, she said, “Last month. Well, I’ve been in denial. I thought I was drinking socially until I woke up and didn’t realize where I was. Sometimes I feel like I know I’ve got it under control, but that’s just the devil.”

She was also arrested in 2006 for selling narcotics.  She’s at 10/1.

Oil heir Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis is best known perhaps as the little spoiled brat who got into a scuffle on the Golden Globes red carpet with his grandmother. 

Jason is now planning to write a tell-all about growing up in the dysfunctional Davis dynasty with childhood friends like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Casey Johnson, DJ AM, the Olsen twins, and Sean Stewart.

"It's going to be a very juicy book," Jason told us. "I love my family. I wish they loved me the way I love them. If they want to play with fire, they are going to get burned."

He is a complete basket case and has been instilled with 35/1 odds by Gambling911.com.

Celebrity Rehab 4 will be airing on VH1.

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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