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Wayne Root on US Congress: They All Lie

We Don't Need Civility Towards Our Political Leaders; We Need Rage! We Need to Limit Our Politicians to Two Terms- One in Office, One in Prison!

Jon Kyl Gets Owned in Senate on Thursday

Jon Kyl
Arizona Republican Senator and long time opponent of online gambling, Jon Kyl, was accused of causing delays during a Senate Health Committee. He later threw a temper tantrum that would have made Dennis the Menace proud.

Feds Seize More Accounts in Maryland Tied to Online Gambling

Six more bank accounts connected to online gambling have been seized by the Maryland US Attorney’s Office. These were all Wachovia Bank accounts held by a company called Forshay Enterprises, Inc., with authorities claiming the monies are related to money laundering activity. Thus far, 15 accounts have been seized in connection to this ongoing investigation.

Support for Menendez Online Poker Bill Likely to Wane

The Poker Players Alliance is putting everything it’s got to push through a bill offered up by New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, which seeks to legalize online poker. But Menendez needs support from fellow Democrats to co-sponsor his bill. He’s not exactly winning over many of his colleagues in Congress however.

Ron Wyden Pulls Online Gambling Bill

Online Gambling Bill Ron Wyden
The Congressman giveth and the Congressman taketh away. Such is the case with a bill that survived nearly 6 days before it was yanked on Wednesday. That bill, brought forth by Senator Ron Wyden (D - Ore.) would have legalized and taxed online gambling to help pay for healthcare reform.

Online Poker Bill Tied into Health Care Reform

Senator Robert Wyden (D-OR) has introduced a bill to legalize and regulate the online poker in an effort to help offset the cost of health-care reform.

Online Gambling: China Appeals WTO Media Ruling

World Trade Organization Online Gambling
As first predicted by last year, the United State's unwillingness to obey a WTO ruling related to online gambling is now having lasting implications and it all centers upon "public morals".

iMEGA Faces Danger of Losing NJ Gov Jon Corzine

Jon Corzine
With just a few more weeks until the elections, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, a Democrat, appears to be in serious danger of losing.

New Task Force Set Up To Go After Online Gambling

A new Assets Forfeiture and Financial Crimes task force has been implemented at the US Attorney's Office in Baltimore Maryland which is already being used to go after online gambling operations.

State Economy Gets Boost From Sports Betting

Delaware Sports Betting
The state of Delaware reports revenue of $257,870 their first week of offering legalized sports betting, and this is at the reduced exposure originally intended due to pending lawsuits. That is $257,870 which the state would not have received if not for sports wagering.

Barney Frank Online Gambling Bill Will Have to Wait

Barney Frank
Online poker’s greatest ally in Congress, Massachusetts Rep Barney Frank, has reported in to the Poker Players Alliance and informed the group that although he will be introducing new poker friendly legislation in the near future, it will most likely need to wait until October at the earliest.

Online Gambling Foe Jon Kyl Election Day Woes

Jon Kyl
Arizona Republican and the number two GOP leader, Senator Jon Kyl, may have trouble come Election Day. The good news for Kyl is that the Election Day in question won’t be until 2012. The bad news for Kyl: There is plenty of time to mount a campaign against the Senator from Arizona and get him out of public office once that Presidential election year does finally arrive.

Delaware Appeal of Sports Betting Rule a Losing Proposition

Delaware Sports Betting
Delaware's filing of a 24-page petition to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals asking the court to hear whether the state should be allowed to offer single-game sports betting will likely go nowhere claims one expert speaking to on the condition of anonymity.

Delaware: Back-room Business Booming for Bookies

Though federal judges ruled last month that Delaware's three racinos cannot take single-game wagers this weekend, you can still put cash down on the Eagles to beat the Panthers by 3 points.

Barney Frank: Odds of Healthcare Reform Passing

Healthcare Reform
Front and center of healthcare reform is none other than House Financial Services Chairman, Democrat Barney Frank. Congressman Frank also happens to be an advocate for legalizing online gambling.

Wayne Root: The Big Obama Healthcare Lie

Obama Healthcare special contributor and 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, claims among other things that Obama saying healthcare won't add to our budget deficit is "one big lie"

Delaware to Offer Three Types of Parlay Bets

Delaware's three racetrack casinos will offer three types of parlay bets on a minimum of three National Football League games starting Thursday, the opening day of the season, the state's acting finance director revealed today.

Ashcroft: Online Gambling Enemy Number One

John Ashcroft
There was a time early on in the Bush Administration when Attorney General John Ashcroft was considered among the biggest enemies of online gambling. Many believe it was he who got the ball rolling to quash the industry.

Sports Betting and the NFL: Delaware Gets Some Action

sports betting
The state of Delaware has boldly decided to begin offering sports betting in the form of NFL wagering.

Kentucky Supreme Court: iMEGA Oral Argument

The Supreme Court has set oral argument in the commonwealth of Kentucky v. IMEGA et al for 11 a.m. on Thursday October 22, 2009 in the Supreme Court courtroom. The order allots 15 minutes for each side.

Internet Poker Question Won’t be on Mass Ballot

Internet poker fans won't be getting a chance to push for a ballot question legalizing the game.

Delaware Sports Betting Conflict? Judges From NJ, PA

Delaware Sports Betting
Following news this past week that an appeals court had found that Delaware sports betting violates current federal law, questions now focus on two of the judges who helped render the decisions. Both are from neighboring states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Barney Frank on Legalized State Online Gambling

Barney Frank
Much of the talk this summer has focused on both Delaware and New Jersey’s efforts to legalize sports betting. In the case of New Jersey, the idea would be to bet online. Delaware was dealt a serious blow in late August when a federal appeals court ruled that a sports betting law in Delaware is in violation of a federal prohibition against sports gambling.

Online Poker: Barney Frank Appalled by US Attorney Actions

Barney Frank
Congressman Barney Frank has expressed outrage over actions taken by the US Attorneys Office in the Southern District of New York in recent months. In June, that office seized nearly $40 million in funds from two of the world’s largest online poker rooms.

Delaware Sports Betting: Single-Game Bets Were a Risky Gambit

In 2003, a legislative task force concluded that one thing about sports betting in Delaware was apparent: single-game bets "would be prohibited.''
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