States Go All In: Expand Gambling to Plug The Budget

Faced with a drop in gambling revenue, states are adding games, considering new casinos and increasing lottery options — anything to keep their cut of the profits rolling in.

Fantasy Games Exempt From Gambling Crime Bill


Australia: Internet In Peril as Big Brother Is Still Watching

Gaming, news media, entertainment and freedom of expression fans, your Internet is in danger, at least if you’r one of our Australian readers.

Online Gambling Would Welcome Rush Limbaugh to Costa Rica

Rush Limbaugh
Radio host Rush Limbaugh has suggested that should President Obama’s health plan sail through Congress, he will pack up his things and move to Costa Rica.

St. Petersburg Times: Proposed Gambling Deal Good for Florida

The Legislature and the Seminole Indian Tribe appear close to striking a deal to finally give Florida a portion of the proceeds from blackjack and other table games added to the Seminoles' casinos nearly two years ago.

Sarah Palin and Wayne Allyn Root to Speak at Tea Party Express

Sarah Palin
Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas-based nationally recognized Libertarian-conservative political leader, speaker, author television personality and frequent contributor to the Gambling911.com website has agreed to speak at the Tea Party Express event in Searchlight on March 27th.

Alabama Governor Cracks Down on Bingo Machines

The governor of this Bible Belt state is waging a one-man crusade against gambling — and stirring racial tensions in the process — by sending state troopers on late-night raids to shut down electronic bingo parlors.

Barney Frank Wants Elimination of Fanny Mae

Rep. Barney Frank (D- Mass.), head of the House Financial Services Committee, and online gambling’s closest ally, says enough with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

Opposition Grows to Australia Internet Filter

BACKBENCH MPs on both sides of politics opposed to the government's internet filtering proposal are vigorously lobbying their colleagues, creating a potential roadblock to the plan backed by the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy.

Ontario Considers State-Sponsored Internet gambling

As province coffers continue to drain, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation chairman Paul Godfrey said the province would consider Internet gambling.

Hawaii Five Oh Yeah: Stroup Says “Heck Yes” to Gambling

Hawaii Gambling
Okay folks, Carrie Stroup here, and you’ve probably heard by now that Hawaii is seriously looking at legalizing gambling as a means of boosting their economy.

Fossilman to Conservatives: More New Taxes?

Greg Raymer is still alive in the NAPT main event (with 128 of 872 remaining). He made it just in time for the tournament ... via Washington DC, where he was at CPAC 2010, bringing "our issue" to the people who came to see the likes of Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, John Ashcroft, Glenn Beck, and Tucker Carlson.

Jon Kyl Allows Treasury Nominees to go Through

Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl has finally lifted his block of several Obama US Treasury Department appointees this past week.

Online Gambling Supporter Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Ron Paul
One of the leading supporters of legislation to legalize online gambling, Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, has won the CPAC straw poll. Paul was also a US Presidential candidate in 2008.

America: A Big Fat Greek Tragedy

Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee and frequent contributor to the Gambling911.com website, will be appearing on Fox News Friday.

The Black Caucus and Online Poker: A Perfect Fit

This weekend the New York Times ran an interesting piece related to the powerhouse Black Caucus and its relationship to the online poker industry. Yes, it’s a positive one as well as controversial.

Google Baulks at Conroy's Call to Censor YouTube

Google says it will not "voluntarily" comply with the government's request that it censor YouTube videos in accordance with broad "refused classification" (RC) content rules.

Australia Internet Censorship Issue at Breaking Point

Australia Internet Censorship
Special contributor to the Gambling911.com website, Greg Tingle, looks at the continuing uproar over censorship attempts in Australia as they apply to the Internet and ultimately online gambling websites, some of which appeared on a much publicized “black list” some months ago

Lessons Obama Should’ve Learned From Watching the Super Bowl

Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee and frequent contributor to the Gambling911.com website, is back with his commentary on the difference between Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. and what US President Obama should have learned by watching the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Poker Players Alliance Testifies Before California Senate

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide and over 120,000 members in California, today testified before the California Senate Governmental Organization Committee that not only is online poker able to be regulated, it is currently being effectively regulated across the globe. The Committee called the hearing to investigate licensing and regulating intrastate online poker.

Online Gambling Mecca Costa Rica Elects 1st Woman

Laura Chinchilla Costa Rica
Laura Chinchilla has been elected the first woman President of Costa Rica. That Central American nation is home to more online gambling websites than anywhere else on the planet.

NJ Panel to Consider Law on Sports Betting

Legislation that would allow New Jersey's horse racing tracks and Atlantic City casinos to accept wagers on sporting events will go before an Assembly panel this week.

Washington Post: Internet Gambling Again in Play

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), right, is working on legislation that would legalize and regulate poker, mah-jongg and other online wagering. Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), left, vows to oppose such efforts.

Chiba: Can Sports Betting Lower New Jersey Property Tax?

New Jersey Sports Betting Property Taxes
Ask anyone living in the state of New Jersey why they voted for Chris Christie as Governor of the state and the majority of residents will tell you it had everything to do with former Governor Corzine’s failure to keep his promise of lowering property taxes.

Iowa Backs Legalized Sports Betting

(Associated Press) - A Senate subcommittee on Wednesday unanimously approved a bill legalizing sports betting in Iowa, but even backers conceded they have a long way to go before such gambling is legal in the state.
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