Rhode Island Wants Ban on Sports Betting Lifted

Rhode Island wants a Federal ban on sports betting lifted and has joined in the resolution to do so.

Delaware's Sports Betting Challenge Faces Uphill Battle

Delaware's Sports Betting
Delaware's hopes of getting the U.S. Supreme Court to help expand sports betting in the First State may be a long shot.

Internet Gambling Bill Would Allow Poker Online

As Gambling911.com first reported exclusively early this week, a new bill has been introduced that would allow legalized online poker and other Internet gambling, including sports betting. The bill will offer New Jersey residents the first opportunity in the US to gamble with licensed businesses.

Bill Would Allow Internet Gambling in Atlantic City Casinos

Permits Internet wagering at Atlantic City casinos under certain circumstances.

New Jersey vs. Pennsylvania in Gambling War

The state of New Jersey has put the gloves on in its fight with neighboring state, Pennsylvania, to protect its troubled gambling industry.

Indian Tribes Oppose Online Gambling in California

After the California Nations Indian Gaming Association chairman called for unity at the Western Indian Gaming Conference on Wednesday, tribes began to tackle the complicated issue of legalizing Internet poker in the state.

Missouri Urges Congress to Lift Ban on Sports Betting

A resolution in the Missouri House asking the US Congress to lift PASPA, proposed by Reps. Grill & Colona, both Democrat

Wayne Root: Obama Death Panels Equal Unions

Wayne Allyn Root is a frequent contributor to the Gambling911.com website and the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. Today he goes off on President Obama, claiming among other things that “Obama is the first president owned by the unions” and that he is “Modeling the USA after Michigan and California – government employee unions go wild”. Wayne Allyn Root’s views do not necessarily reflect those of Gambling911.com nor its management.

Sarah Palin Fox News Odds Now Available

It's official. Sarah Palin is now a contributor for the Fox News network.

Jon Kyl Holding Up Appointments for US Treasury

Online gambling foe Jon Kyl is reportedly making things very difficult on the US Treasury by holding up appointments for officials in key international finance and tax offices.

BCS Game: Profits, Exploitation, Government Take Over?

BCS Championship
Many a Gambling911.com reader will be tuned into the BCS Championship 2010 game Thursday night. A large number of you will be betting on the title game. The BCS Championship is all about money, and not just from a gambling standpoint.

AP: PA Table Games Bill in Review

Elements of the table games bill that passed the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday and awaits House action:

Rand Paul Jumps Into Kentucky Senate Race

Rand Paul
Rand Paul, son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, has made it official. His is running for Senator of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Ron Paul Man of the Year, Ben Bernanke a Travesty

Frequent contributor to the Gambling911.com website and one time running mate for US President on the Libertarian ticket, Wayne Allyn Root voices his outrage over Ben Bernanke being selected as Time Magazine's "Man of the Year", suggesting instead that Ron Paul should be. Paul is an advocate for legalized online gambling.

Brunson: Congress Full of DWI’s, Drug Abuse, Felons

Congratulations to Chris Moorman for being PocketFives #1 worldwide player at the end of 2009. Chris is one of the first 5 chosen to be in the Brunson 10.

South Carolina: Poker May No Longer Be Game Of Skill

The PPA and poker community alike may risk having South Carolina reverse its declaration that poker is a game of skill should South Carolina's attorney general have any say in the matter.

Obama: Greater Than Jesus?

Obama Jesus
A Danish newspaper has suggested that US President Barack Obama is “Greater than Jesus”. The Politiken, Denmark’s oldest newspaper, featured an unsigned editorial this week.

Kentucky: Steve Beshear a “One Issue” Governor

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, suggested at a press conference on Wednesday that Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear exaggerated the current economic crisis in the commonwealth in order to gain support for his gambling bill.

Poker Will be Dead in Great Britain in 2010?

No more poker in 2010 in Great Britain.

The Best of 2009: Most Popular Poker, Online Gambling Stories

2009 Best of Poker Online Gambling
You may see a few of these "Best of 2009 Poker and Online Gambling Stories" elsewhere, but Gambling911.com has the real heavy hitters, those stories that scored huge traffic wins. Yes, these were truly the most popular industry-related stories based on real audience numbers, so enjoy the look back and a look behind the scenes at Gambling911.com's traffic numbers on each subject matter.

Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin

No, there is public spat between Ron Paul and Sarah Palin like with the former Alaska Governor and California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger…at least none that we are aware of.

Kentucky Files Motion in Online Gambling Case as Last Resort

Seen as a "desperation move" of sorts, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has filed a Motion for Leave to Join Additional Parties and to Amend their Complaint. Kentucky is now claiming that, because there are Americans running some of the 141 online gambling companies the Commonwealth is looking to seize, and as such are no longer considered to be "outside the said jurisdiction

More Information on CNBC’s Upcoming Gambling Program

Mark your calendars Gambling911.com readers. Next Wednesday December 16, 2009 CNBC will present its original program "CNBC Investigates: The Big Business of Illegal Gambling”. Until now we knew very little about the program other than what we were seeing in promos.

The Downside of Barney Frank

Barney Frank
There are few who will argue that Democratic Congressman Barney Frank has been great for the online gambling sector. But with just about any politician there is a downside. Victoria McGrane of Politico.com gets right to the point in an article published on Thursday. "Barney Frank blows up at people, it's what he does."

Root: Universal Health Care Bait and Switch Con Job

Healthcare Reform
Special Contributor to the Gambling911.com website and 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, tells Why the Heroes- "Moderate" Senators- are Actually the Villians Who Have Betrayed Our Trust and Bankrupted our Nation.
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