Professional Poker Player Boris Becker Dumped Via Text

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Sparky Collins, everyone's favorite Cuban transgender reporter can barely get those big manly fingers around the keys of his cell phone to text. 

"Texting, I cannot get into that!" Sparky admits.

Boris Becker may be feeling the same way these days. 

The former tennis player turned professional poker pro received a text from his fiancé calling off their engagement according to Perez Hilton.

"I suddenly got an SMS from Sandy .. saying that this was it, that this over. To make sure how serious she was she sent me five others saying the same thing."

It was such a low blow that the now professional poker player Becker said it "trampled on my soul. I was completely surprised."

Speaking of Perez Hilton, Sparky's fellow Miami Cubano brother recently spoke out about how the Mormon church ensured passage of Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage (you can bet on gay marriage legalization at Paddy Power). 

Perez suggested boycotting the Sundance Film Festival this year, and Gambling911.com entertainment reporter, Sparky, who is married to a bi-sexual woman, has also vowed to boycott this year's festival.  Collins is one of Miami's leading fashion photographers.  He also covers major media events around the globe, including Sundance, where he has been several times.

"Gays should be able to marry other gays and we should be discouraging population growth to help the environment," Sparky offered. 

Collins admits his woman prefers to have another girl in the bedroom and regularly requires Sparky to don his Cindy Brady wig when the two are intimate. 

Perez has been to the Sundance Film Festival for the last three years in a row, but we will not be attending this year. And, we call on everyone in the entertainment industry to do the same.

Utah's growing tourism industry and the star-studded Sundance Film Festival are being targeted for a boycott by bloggers, gay rights activists and others seeking to punish the Mormon church for its aggressive promotion of California's ban on gay marriage.

It could be a heavy price to pay. Tourism brings in $6 billion a year to Utah, with world-class skiing, a spectacular red rock country and the film festival founded by Robert Redford, among other popular tourist draws.

"At a fundamental level, the Utah Mormons crossed the line on this one," said gay rights activist John Aravosis, an influential blogger in Washington, D.C.

"They just took marriage away from 20,000 couples and made their children bastards," he said. "You don't do that and get away with it."

Salt Lake City is the world headquarters for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which counts about 62 percent of Utah residents as members.


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