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Aubrey O’Day Breaks Up With Poker Star Over Foot Fetish

Feb 19 2009 - 4:29pm

Former Danity Kane group member and featured Playboy model Aubrey O'Day has broken up with her poker star boyfriend, David Williams, after reading about his foot fetish on

DC's The Junkies radio show hosts pressed O'Day on whether she was dating David Williams and, upon answering "Yes", they then asked if she was aware of his unusual fetish, not to mention the bizarre porn film he starred in some years ago.

"Actually that is one of the reasons why we stopped talking," she confessed.

Williams and O'Day were first photographed together at her Vegas birthday party last week.

After learning about the video this week, Aubrey told the Junkies she went home and gathered her "whole family to watch".

"The whole family?" a shocked DJ asked.

O'Day's ex boyfriend also notified her of the salacious porn which featured a college age Williams (using the name Tony) being ordered around by a much older and experienced dominatrix. 

Though she says Williams is "an amazing guy" O'Day also admitted to being "creeped out by the foot fetish thing".

"That was a little scary for me and I only had a few friends before him so I wasn't schooled on weird behavior," O'Day says.

She also admitted to catching Williams staring at her feet.

Ms. O'Day confirmed she has not had sex with David.

Why did her ex know about the David Williams porn? That’s what Perez Hilton was asking. Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins, was once again shooting Ms. O'Day at New York's Fashion Week

Listen to the video here



So it's cool to take off you're cloths & be photo graph for a magazine... But someone has a sexual fetish.. & you shake him you are a shallow person.. He's better ff with out this pendeja...
If he's such an "amazing guy", his foot fetish shouldn't matter. If she's going to drop the whole relationship solely because of that, she's not worth dating.
LOL somehow I think the pun was unintended. I'm sure he's a nice guy.
was obviously left by david williams.
LOL. **** takes her clothes off for a living and she thinks she better then a guy who uses his head for a living. So he likes feet. BFD. Oh yeah slut once you lose your looks your career is done. And why you hanging around your ex? David your better off without that stupid ****.