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Poker Pro David Williams Gets It On With Aubrey O’Day

Feb 16 2009 - 5:45pm

It seems that poker pro David Williams has dumped the old ladies and is starting to "date" girls his own age.  Notorious for appearing in a "granny foot fetish" video billed as a "Poker Porn Crisis" some years back, Williams was recently seen "making out" with none other than Aubrey O'Day.

Ms. O'Day celebrated her 25th birdthday at Jet Nightclub Las Vegas and also to celebrate the launch of her first Playboy spread for their March 2009 issue, which was sold out at most news stands.

Norm Clarke, the king of Vegas gossip, reported on the salacious moment between Williams and O'Day:

"Former Danity Kane star Aubrey O'Day, celebrating her 25th birthday and her March cover girl appearance in Playboy on Friday at Jet (Mirage). Her parents and a few friends joined her, as did poker star David Williams. They were seen getting fully involved in the Valentine's Day spirit."

It was unclear if Mr. Williams had engaged in any "toe sucking" of "foot massages". expressed concern over Williams seemingly promiscuous behavior.

"He has been laid more than all of the other Magic the Gathering players combined," they claim, making reference to Williams endeavor into the dark realms of Magic where card players battle amongst each other by casting spells and calling upon fantastic creatures, including demons.  Demons are physical manifestations of the evil parts of people's souls, given shape by an infusion of black mana when a greatly wicked human perishes.

Williams these days seems to be casting his own spell among the babes while breaking the hearts of little old ladies like Mildred Blackwell, who claims David gave her the best foot rubs of her 83 years.

"He can work his magic on me any day of the week," Mildred told

Jenny Woo, Senior International Correspondent




is there a difference? either you go first or they do but the crap is still the same. same stories. lazy bloggers both of you. wicked chops and gambling 911.
but blame yourself. there is a market that fuels this type of reporting. I don't think either are apologetic about their intentions to be tabloid. your option is not to read I suppose. I am surprised g911 didn't have glaring red letters "BREAKING NEWS" with this story and the one that followed. it's good to see their creative writing staff is ready with the pen even during national holidays I suppose.
The people who bitch about this site and WickedChopsPoker should avoid reading them at all costs. Its like they can't stop. You have to wonder what draws these people here. Some masocistic pleasure?
i guess it's the headline grabber and i have them in my feed but sometimes they do have an opinion beyond regurgitation. but rarely. to the other guy about the holidays. no president's day. this is a canadian site. the owner lives in a little town in a little house in alberta. it's a one man operation plus jenny woo.