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BYU Honor Code Bans all Gambling

You probably won't find any student bookies on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Mar/03/2011

Assemblyman Hopes to Work With NJ Governor on New Internet Gambling Measure

Following New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to veto a bill that would make NJ the first state to legalize Internet gambling, state democrats spoke out about the decision.

“The reality is that Internet gaming is coming and we need to figure out a way to make it work to benefit Atlantic City casinos,” said Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-Salem). “I hope to work cooperatively on new legislation that ensures New Jersey remains competitive for years to come in all aspects of modern gaming.”

Submitted by C Costigan on, Mar/03/2011

Revenues Way Up At PartyGaming

PartyGaming has reported a huge rise in revenues for the year 2010.

Revenues rose by 15 percent from 2009 to €357.3m (£300m) to €310.1m, with casino revenues jumping to €151.4m from €136.3m, bingo revenues more than doubling to €51.4m from €22.8m and sports betting climbing to €20.8m from €13.2m. Poker revenues fell to €124.8m from €136.8m.   Pre-tax profits fell to €43.8m from €57.4m.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/03/2011 Bids $40,000 to win locks of Justin Bieber Hair

Singing sensation Justin Bieber has cut his hair and the marketing gurus at online casino won them via a $40,000 bid.  

The hair was sold on eBay with bids starting at $10 after the boy toy appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week.  DeGeneres suggested he put his locks up for sale and that monies be donated to a charity of his choice.   Monies will go to Gentle Barn, a California animal-rescue center that DeGeneres selected.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Mar/03/2011

Cruise Ships Gamble On Western Australia

Here's some unusual news for Australia.  Cruise ships off Western Australia are going to allow gambling.

Ahoy and G'day punters, gaming and casino millionaires, billionaires, legal eagles, law enforcement officials, politicians and everyone else. Today we sail the high seas with cruise ships off Western Australia where gambling is permitted. Media Man and Gambling911 with your daily dose of Australian news. 

Cruise Ships In Western Australia Allowed Floating Casinos...

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Mar/02/2011

Tingle: Australia Gambling With Legal Eagles And Politics

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Mar/02/2011

Time Ticking in New Jersey as Christie Does not yet Take Action on Internet Gambling Bill

Thursday March 4, 2011 at the stroke of midnight Internet gambling could become legalized in the state of New Jersey.  It would be the first US state to do so. 

Governor Chris Christie has until that time to veto or sign off on a bill that could bring a much needed $28 million – if not more – to his state yearly.  It’s not just the millions of dollars, it’s the many new jobs that will ultimately be created.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Mar/01/2011

Sands Las Vegas Under Investigation for Allegedly Taking Bribes

Shares in Sands Las Vegas were down 7 percent on news that the company is under investigation for allegedly taking bribes in Macau.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Mar/01/2011

Stepson Confirms….Sort Of….Shrink “Mob” Link

The newsmakers are reading

Less than 24 hours after posted a story outlining what questions need to be answered in an upcoming book about the late Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner that's being written by Weitzner's stepson, Jerry Donahue--Donahue answered the questions on a posting forum.

Most of the questions, that is.

And what's most intriguing about Donahue's responses is not what he said, but what he didn't--or wouldn't--say.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/28/2011

If “Shrink” Book Becomes Movie, Here is Who Should Star in it

A book is being written about the controversial life of website operator Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner, who killed himself last year amidst a shroud of mystery.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/28/2011

Matchbook Sold: Leaves US Market


Submitted by Guest on, Feb/28/2011

If “Shrink’ Book is to be Legit, It must Address These Issues

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/27/2011

Big Week Ahead for Online Gambling Backers in New Jersey

March 4 is the deadline for when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie can either veto or sign a measure into law that would legalize online gambling in the state.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/27/2011

Another Exclusive: Weitzner’s Stepson Writing Tell-All Book

At long last, the truth behind Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner's suicide will finally be told.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/26/2011

Sin City Sydney: Darling Habour Gets Star City Rub

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Feb/24/2011

Sister of Sports Off Shore Founder Heads to Prison Early

The sister of an offshore gambling venture and wife of Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney, Patrice Tierney, began serving her 30-day prison sentence weeks earlier than scheduled. 

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/24/2011

Another Vegas Chip Robbery: This Time At The Rio

A fake-mustached man robbed the Rio Casino in Las Vegas out of $36,000 in chips just weeks after the alleged infamous Bellagio chip robber was arrested.

Authorities say that the man entered the Rio Casino Thursday morning wearing a fedora, sun glasses and fake mustache.  He pulled out a gun after a dealer attempted to stop the holdup.  The robber escaped via a taxi cab.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Feb/24/2011

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CoolBet Customer 50,000 Gets Big Surprise

CoolBet Customer 50,000 Gets Big Surprise

Emilie Lundegård Pedersen (19) from Bodø became Norwegian customer number 50,000 at coolbet, the company that has been voted the country's best for two years in a row.   The prize is around US$1000.

Post Malone Odds to Win Celebrity Beer Pong

Post Malone Odds to Win Celebrity Beer Pong

This week, celebrities and pro athletes will compete in a celebrity beer pong tournament organized by Post Malone, who just happens to be among the favorites to win with a payout potential of $60 for every $10 bet.

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